Ms Isabelle

Distant Domination Feminization

Distant Domination Feminization

Hello Sweet Feminization Phone Sex Lovers!

My name is Ms. Isabelle, your distant sissification transformation Mistress. I am a happily single woman that lives in New York City.  I studied Fashion Design at Parsons and now work with a prestigious fashion and design company in the heart of the city. The nature of my job requires that I stay up on all of the latest fashion trends and I want to share all of the hottest trends with my obedient forced feminization phone sex lovers.  After many years of training and guiding a number of individuals through the process of sissification, I consider myself an expert in forced feminization and sissy training phone sex.

Be Serious About Your Feminization Commitment 

I have always been considered compassionate, warm and caring, but there is one major thing that one should consider before contacting me.  I only accept new feminization phone sex slaves that are serious about sissification and/or transsexualism.  If your desire’s for feminization are only a passing fantasy, then I am NOT the phone sex Mistress for you — I ONLY work with those individuals that will remain committed to my feminization training.

Even though I am a warm and caring phone sex Mistress, I do not tolerate any type of misbehavior from my slaves; I do not tolerate “topping from the bottom”.  I am well-versed and educated in the ways of forced feminization, transgender fetish and in the steps toward sex reassignment surgery so you should focus on following my directions and not in trying to top from the bottom.

I have become much accustomed to being a pampered Diva, which means that I am the perfect source of feminization guidance when it comes to your feminization phone sex transformation.  I thoroughly enjoy teaching the tricks of the trade in how to become the perfect girly girl.  I also have a number of both crossdressing and transsexual friends, many that I have advised on different and various methods of becoming much more womanly.  Over the years I have learned much about the needs of sissies, cross-dressers and transsexuals and I have utilized each experience to grow my knowledge giving me a edge over many other feminization mistresses that you may have engaged with.

I hope that you will remember that I only enjoy teaching and guiding those that are committed to feminization phone sex as a way of life.  I am looking to share my knowledge of sissification with only serious callers that are ready and willing to follow my lead through the journey of force feminization phone sex.

Teaching The Art Of Cock Sucking

I am an expert in teaching the art of cock sucking  which means that all sissies and cross-dressers will undergo a thorough cock sucking training.  Cock sucking training will start strap-on training during your feminization phone sex.  You will learn cock worship as you show your obedience through worshiping my perfect strap on.  In some instances, slaves will finish their cocksucking training by participating in a forced-bi cocksucking session.  Cocksucking is the perfect way to help sissies to maintain their new roles as women and encourages them to stay in the womanly mindset.

 A Love For Transgender Girls

I have a special love for transgender girls since I have a deeper understanding of their womanly needs.  I enjoy guiding the transsexual phone sex girl through her transformation into a full and complete girly girl and woman.  There is something inherently special about the bond between a feminization Mistress and her transsexual girls that makes these types of  feminization phone sex  calls so enthralling.

I have a plethora of knowledge on what it takes for you to become a true woman.  I will guide you gently through your transitions as we start hormone therapy. Over time we will make plans for breasts implants and possible sexual reassignment surgery, but these things must be heavily considered before the follow through.  As your experienced feminization mistress, I will train you to become the perfect woman that you have always desired to be.


A Warm Loving Welcome,

Ms Isabelle

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