College Crossdressing Turns Into Lifetime Crossdressing

When Did You Begin Crossdressing

When Did You Begin Crossdressing?

When Did You Begin Crossdressing?

I know there are many ways that a person can find themselves having a love for crossdressing phone sex. As a fashionista and experienced crossdressing Mistress, I know much about the crossdressing fetish.  I have met and are acquainted with many men that choose to crossdress. One of the things that I have found interesting is that many men didn’t really get into crossdressing until college. For some of them it started with the woman-less beauty pageants for local fundraisers and for others it was a growing interest in fashion and admiration for the beauty of women.

These men would crossdress occasionally throughout college, but they would tell no one of their inherent desires to become a full-time crossdresser. Perhaps they didn’t even realize just how much their desire to crossdress was growing themselves until after they had been relieved of the pressures of college social acceptance.


Crossdressing Emerges

Once these men had found stable jobs and lives that brought on stress, they started to feel that need to crossdress emerging with a brand new force. This force grew and grew until they found themselves crossdressing every night as they returned home from their jobs, hidden away in the secret of their private homes.

This was the moment when they realized that they needed and desired to be full-time crossdresser’s, finding safety, comfort and release in the activity. This is perhaps the first time they sought out a Mistress for guidance and to share their long harbored secret.

Crossdressing Guidance

Over time and with the guidance of an experienced crossdressing phone sex mistress such as myself, these men grow into the perfect images of woman and are at last happy in their lives and with themselves. Does this sound familiar to you? Do you need the assistance a phone sex Mistress? Ms Lily and myself are here at Sissy Finishing School for you and would be happy to guide you on your crossdressing journey.


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