VIP Gold Star Students Program

Sissy Finishing School Rewards Club for VIPs

Sissy Finishing School Rewards Club for VIPs

The best students always get the brightest gold stars, and the same holds true at Sissy Finishing School!  We offer a little something extra to our most devoted and dedicated phone sex and transgender confidante clients.

In addition to the contact methods we already offer, Gold Star Students will also be given our direct cell numbers to text us to find out when we will be logged on for calls, or if we can take a call then.   Pay attention, class…this does not mean chit-chat texting, and we will not accept your calls on these numbers.  But it does offer you a unique opportunity for the privilege of  getting direct access to us!

How Do You Become a Gold Star Student?

Club Membership is easy!  You simply need to have a call history with us that equals 60 minutes a week.  That amount can be broken up into smaller time increments.  For example, you could call us for sissy phone sex three times a week for a twenty minute session.  It is required that your calls be to the same person.  To break that down for the sillier sissies that means:

30 minutes per week with Ms Isabelle and 30 minutes per week with Ms Lily = no Club membership.  Try harder, sissy!

60 minutes weekly with Ms Lilly = the ability to text Ms Lily to arrange calls

60 minutes weekly with Ms Isabelle = the ability to text Ms Isabelle to arrange calls

60 minutes weekly with Ms Isabelle and 60 minutes weekly with Ms Lily = the ability to text both of us to arrange calls

What If I’ve Never Called Before But Want Gold Star Student Status?

If you’ve never called before, but you want to be in the inner circle of playthings, just let us know when you call.  We’ll give you the numbers then, and trust that you’ll uphold the requirements.  If not, you’ll be removed from the program. (Note:  Ms Lily requires a waiting period before granting Gold Star status)


We decided to make this generous offer to those of you that are appreciative of who we are, what we offer, and how we generally make your worlds a better place.  We reserve the right to block texts from anyone, at any time, if the privilege is abused.   That applies if you are calling 60 minutes a week or 600.  So be good girls, and be thankful that you have such an intimate method of contacting us.



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Dial 855-387-2669 for Ms Isabelle
Dial 855-727-4779 for Ms Lily

Calls are $2.50 per minute with a 10 minute minimum
See Sessions for complete info
We are Direct Dial Independent Phone Sex Operators
Adults Only