Phone Sex Mistress-Therapist

Your Phone Sex Mistress Is Much Like A Therapist

Your Phone Sex Mistress Is Like Your Therapist

Your Phone Sex Mistress Is Like Your Therapist

There are many reasons why a phone sex Mistress is much like a therapist or counselor. In fact, in some ways a Mistress can be even better than therapist.

The first thing that a mistress and therapist offers is a sense of security; Giving you a place to feel safe to open up. You are able to lower your inhibitions and talk about feelings, desires, needs, wants and much more with your Mistress. Talking with a phone sex Mistress should be liberating in a way, causing you to feel as if a weight has been lifted from your conscious as you open up to her. Being able to share with such naked honesty will allow you to grow in a number of ways both sexually and non-sexually. Your phone sex Mistress will never share your secrets just like a therapist. You are safe in the arms of your phone sex Mistress.

 Phone Sex Mistress-Therapist-Life Coach

Another way that a Mistress and therapist are alike is that they are both very good options for life coaches. A phone sex Mistress always has your best interest in mind as she shapes and molds you as both a person and a slave. You will learn much about self-control and decision making from your phone sex Mistress, just like you would from a therapist. Your phone sex Mistress will always be pushing you to become the best “you” possible. Your relationship with your Mistress will help you conquer many of your fears and worries through the wise and carefully calculated behavior modification sessions you experience with your phone sex Mistress.

A Supportive Phone Sex Mistress

With your phone sex Mistress, you will have a feeling of anonymity that will help you to open up much easier; You will be ready to spill your dark, dirty secrets to me in no time. Just like a therapist, I will always be supportive of your openness and never judge you. I am here to nurture your needs and desires so that you may grow as a person and a submissive. Are you ready to open up to your phone sex Mistress? Give the Mistresses of Sissy Finishing School a call and begin your phone sex therapy today.


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