Night Time Crossdressing and Feminization

The Secret Crossdresser

Are You A Night Time Crossdresser?

Are You A Night Time Crossdresser?

I especially like men that are top level executives that maintain a very macho image during the day, but you have a very well kept secret behind your locked bedroom doors. You are a night time crossdresser.

You adore and fantasize about crossdressing. You even find yourself longing to be dressed as a woman during the day, but know that you must wait till you get home. You work hard, watching the clock ticking away, longing and waiting for that time when you get to be truly free to be yourself, donned in the garbs of a gorgeous and sexy woman.

Crossdressing and Feminization

As a crossdressing phone sex Mistress, I understand exactly what it is that you need during distant feminization phone sex. You need a feminine and fashionable crossdressing phone sex Mistress that can teach and guide you to become the best woman possible each and every night.

We will work together to keep you up to date on the latest trends in make-up, lingerie, clothing and shoes. You will stay waxed at all times and over time you will start to wear you lingerie underneath your executive business suit.

Distant Feminization Crossdressing Mistress

I know that you desire to be the best woman possible each and every time that you dress up, donning only the finest of clothing and constantly lusting to learn more about how to portray yourself as a proper, seductive and sexy lady.

As your crossdressing Mistress, I will be your teacher. The sound of my voice guiding you to move deeper into your desires and embrace the crossdresser within you. You will, under my guidance and care, become the best woman you could ever imagine.

Embrace Your Crossdressing Desires

If you want to learn more about how to become the woman that you have always desired to be then you should contact me. I am an experienced, knowledgeable and fashionable crossdressing phone sex Mistress and I would love to join you on your crossdressing journey.


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