Ms Isabelle’s Schedule

What Is A Schedule?

Let's Talk About My Schedule

A schedule is something that I am highly allergic too!  The word schedule sends me into a tizzy, and causes me to go on uncontrollable shopping binges.  Now you wouldn’t want me in debt because of a schedule would you?    Good, I knew we could come to a compromise when it comes to that  awful word schedule.

I am indeed a free spirit and a schedule just does not flow with my lifestyle.   As many of you know, I also have a freelance gig doing interior design.  That being said, you know the creative and artsy people of the world do not adhere to schedules.  We go with the flow, and if the flow dictates we take an afternoon break to go get a massage so that we can be relaxed, that is what we do.

Learn To Follow My Schedule

Also, I am not an early morning person.  I might be up early but seriously you don’t want to talk to me unless you have a scheduled appointment.  Random early calls are  almost never answered, and neither are those wee hour of the morning calls.   My sissies are all tucked away in their panties fast asleep because they follow my schedule.   Are you beginning to get the picture here?  Yes, my lovely sissies are all acclimated to my schedule, as it should be.  My advice to random callers…..either schedule an appointment outside of my normal availability or call one of those random girls out there.

I Can Live With This Type Of Schedule

I like to do sessions between 12 pm and 12 am……However, if I need to leave, I do!  It’s that simple.  I am an independent contractor which means I work for me, and that makes me happy.  The benefit to me being happy is that you will have amazing sessions with me because I love what I do in life.  If you need to schedule time outside or those hours, or need a specific time…..schedule an appointment.   Just remember, if you schedule an appointment and miss it, you loose the privilege  of  any future appointments with me.  I wait 10 minutes after the scheduled time and then consider your appointment “missed”

VIP Callers Have The Edge When It Comes To My non- Schedule

Honey, don’t call for 10 minutes and think that entitles you to be a VIP! Go read about being a VIP and then get back to me!  Also, I have changed my minimum to 20 minutes for your first call with me.   I see no use in a 10 minute first time call unless you are  “just a wanker”…. in that case…move on.   Now if you are one of my VIP’s, then you already know that you can text me to schedule a session with me either on the spot, or shortly there after.   Remember, if I don’t answer your text instantaneously it means I am already in a session but I will get back to you as soon as I can.

I love bonding with my callers and you can’t do that with 10 minute quickies.    Now, if you’re established with me and we have already bonded and you want a quick 10 minute chat with me to just  “check in” that is absolutely fine.

So that’s it my little darlings…….my “no set in stone schedule“, but I am very accessible.

Until later……

Ms Isabelle

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