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    Feminization, sissyifcation, and transgender are words that I consider to be umbrella words. What I mean by that is that so many variations fall underneath those umbrellas. And the terms themselves can fit under other umbrellas.

    By no means is this to be considered a substitute for the intimacy that we will share. But it will serve as a way of introduction, to allow me to understand a little about how you view yourself, and where your interests lay.

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    If you had to select only one, which most of the following do you most closely identify with?
    I'm a panty boy. My interest in wearing female clothing is limited to things like stockings and lingerie. Wearing them titillates me.I'm a crossdresser. I have, or have had in the past, both feminine outer and underwear. I love the feminine way it makes me feel. Dressing excites me, but I don't identify as a woman outside of the fantasy.I'm a sissy. I may be a little girl sissy, a sissy maid, a slutty sissy, or all the above, but a sissy is how I truly identify myself. I may love things that are over the top.I'm transgendered. I wear women's clothing and try to conduct myself in as feminine a manner as possible when the situation allows. I identify as a woman, and there is nothing sexually exciting to me out the act of dressing feminine. Rather, it feels like what I was born to.

    No matter which of the above you answered, how long has it been a part of your life?

    If you have a girl name, what is it?

    When it comes to cock sucking, or otherwise pleasing a man...

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    Is there anything else you'd like me to know before our first call?

    Be a good girl and answer the quiz so that I know you are not a nasty spammer.

    Dial 855-387-2669 for Ms Isabelle
    Dial 855-727-4779 for Ms Lily

    Calls are $2.50 per minute with a 10 minute minimum
    See Sessions for complete info
    We are Direct Dial Independent Phone Sex Operators
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