Sissy Finishing School

At our Sissy Finishing School, we uphold the following principles:

Acceptance, Assurance, Understanding, Compassion, Guidance, Support

1. Acceptance: It is important for you to become comfortable with yourself and your needs.  We consistently work to breed an acceptance of yourself, teaching you tools and tactics that will help you to become more comfortable with your non-traditional needs.  

2. Assurance: Our Mistresses will constantly reassure you that your needs are completely natural, that you are inherently beautiful, and that you are simply expanding your horizons as you delve deeper into your forced feminization fantasies.

3. Understanding: We at Sissy Finishing School have a clear understanding of feminization fantasies.  Our  Mistresses are thoroughly trained in the wide varieties, types and styles of sissy phone sex.  No matter which Forced Feminization Mistress you choose, you are sure to connect with a domme that is well-versed in your sissification needs.

4. Compassion: Those men with feminization desires often feel vulnerable, thus the need for a compassionate Mistress is of the up-most importance   Even in our distant domination phone sex session, you will feel the warmth and compassion of your Mistress illuminating around you distant domination phone sex session

5. Guidance: Sissy Finishing School is founded on the principle of teaching, shaping and molding sissy phone sex lovers.  Your Mistress will guide you through each and every step as you are transformed into the sissy boy of your fantasies.

6.Support:  You will be guaranteed continued and thorough support during your transition into a sexy and seductive sissy.

Stages and Steps to our Online Sissy Training include, but are not limited to the following:

The Basics:

Learning the basics is imperative to your feminization transformation.  You will learn the basics of exfoliating,shaving and/or waxing and hair care (although the use of wigs is often encouraged). These things will not only make your appearance more womanly, it will also make you feel much more like the sissy  girl that you are destined to become.  Once you have finished up your prep work, you will quickly be emerged into the world of make-up, manicures and pedicures.  It is imperative that you learn how to apply your own make-up and polish, as these will be used daily to enhance your femininity.

Once you have finished up your manicure, matching pedicure and make-up, it will be time to go through your wardrobe.  Your experienced Forced Feminization Mistress will go through all of the items that will be necessary to make you look the most feminine and that spotlight your natural womanly features.  Items will include, but not be limited to: lingerie, panties, bra’s, skirt’s, dresses and stockings.

Getting Dressed:

The first items of importance will be panties, stockings and bras.  You will learn the appropriate way to put on stockings.  Your Mistress will then help you pick out clothing appropriate to the plans of  your sissy phone sex call.  This could include, but not be limited to: secretarial outfit, an outfit appropriate for daily wear, french maid costumes, cheer-leading and ballet outfits, yoga wear, and much more. 

While many men wish to opt for flats when choosing shoes, it is very important that you learn to incorporate high heels into as many of your outfits as possible.  Your sissy phone sex Mistress will be happy to guide you in high heel acquisition as you progress through your journey. 

Now, at this point, you may look like a cross dressing sissy boy, you may even feel a bit like a sissy, but this does not mean that you are even close to graduating from our Sissy Finishing School.  Being able to disguise your male appearance, is only the beginning of your phone feminization.  It very important to be thorough during the training of any type of forced feminization fetishist.


The next lesson in our Sissy Finishing School curriculum is Etiquette.  During this segment, you will truly begin to feel more and more feminine as you learn to take on an exponential amount of feminine qualities during your sissy phone sex training.  You will earn to talk like a woman and be required to use this delicate and soft feminine voice at all times during your session. 

Learning to walk like a woman can be somewhat of a challenge, but with the appropriate amount of practice during your distant domination sessions you will find it will quickly become second nature.  Once you have mastered the seductive sway of a womanly walk, you will then being lessons in  walking in high heels.  These lessons will quickly move toward you wearing heels as your main shoe daily. 

Once you have overcome these challenges, your fetish will then slowly be immersed into daily life as you perform more and more of your chores out in public dressed like a proper sissy boy.  Your phone feminization mistress will teach you how to incorporate your feminine etiquette into your daily routine by assigning an increasing number of tasks to complete during your day. 

If you are the type of sissy boy that needs to remain somewhat discrete, you will learn subtle ways to incorporate your feminization fetish into your daily life as well.  It is of the up-most importance that you have continual reminders of your blossoming femininity. Now that you look, talk, walk, and act much more like a female, it will be time to move onto the most intimate part of your training.

Sex Training:

During your sex training at Sissy Finishing School, you will become an expert in sexual services, which will include, but not be limited to: cock sucking training, anal training and general submissive training.  You will be expected to partake in all training sessions since a thorough training will help you to become completely transformed into a cross dressing, sissy phone sex lover. 

Learning to sexually please your Master and/or Mistress’s is imperative to your training.  Your feminization domination Mistress will guide you through the necessary steps to ensure that you are a sexual goddess by the end of your sex training.  You will also learn to be subservient to those around you, taking on the role of a 1950’s style woman. You will speak when spoken to, you will perform the wishes of those you come in contact with and you will remain prim and proper at all times by the end of your sissification training.

Types of Sissies:

Here at Sissy Finishing School, we understand that there are a plethora of different kinds and types of sissies, as well as sissies with all levels of experience from the brand new shy sissy to the experience full-service slut sissy.  No matter what your fantasy, desire or fetish is, you are sure to find yourself strangely comfortable with your Distant Domination Mistress. 

You will be able to connect to your Mistress as you set about household chores and serving  her all while you are transformed into a Sissy maid.  For those of you that crave a strong, loving Mommy there is no better place to explore your sissy baby fantasies than right here at Sissy Finishing School.

Perhaps your desire is to play the role of socialite sissy, the bimbo sissy, or the model sissy.  You will learn the in’s and out’s of becoming a extraordinarily daring, and confident sissy girl.  You will be taught how to mingle and flirt as proper sissy boy, without coming off as overly slutty. 

You will learn to use your body and your body language to seduce and entice those toward your erotic feminine guise.You could even learn how to be a head cheerleader or an elegant ballerina, eager to show off your talents for all to see.

 This type of sissies increased flexibility would only lead to exciting and memorable sexual adventures as you become completely immersed in your role. Your distant domination Mistress can train you as a slave sissy.  You would learn how to become completely submissive to your owner.  You would be taught the basics of slave positioning, protocol, and to accept that you no longer have control over your own decisions.  You would ultimately become a sex toy to your owner.

Often a slave sissy will be turned into a cuckold sissy that would be treated as a “fluffer” or “cream-pie clean up slut” to their owners.  Generally speaking a cuckold would not be allowed to have sex, but instead would be available for oral services on command by either his male or female owners.  During this type of sissy phone sex, the submissive is often treated as less than human, but this is not ALWAYS the case. 

Many sissy fetish lovers desperately desire to carry out as many of the female only behaviors or roles, such as being a blushing bride, becoming a wife, or even becoming a pregnant sissy.  These are all possibilities with your talented and knowledgeable sissy phone sex Mistress.

These are only a few of the most popular types of sissies.  There are many other ‘kinds’ of forced feminization lovers out there and each of our distant domination Mistresses are thoroughly trained in the sissification niche’.

Are you ready to explore and experience your beautiful feminine side? Your distant domination Mistresses are waiting…..don’t be shy!

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