A Ruined Orgasm For Ms Isabelle

Ruined Orgasm Fun With Ms Isabelle

I’s Time For A Ruined Orgasm

I Love A Good Ruined Orgasm

Did you come to this site thinking you could click around and find a Mistress who’d take pity on you?  She’d give you some guided masturbation instructions, have you edge a few times, then let you explode and shoot that load?  Well, those aren’t the rules.  You need to listen to your Mistress, and accept your fate.  And your fate today is a ruined orgasm. Yes, even sissies love a good a ruined orgasm.

Masturbation Instructions

Get a plate, then get naked and kneel, with your little dicklett right over that plate.  Now, start stroking.  I don’t care how, that’s not the point.  The point here is to edge you until you can’t hold back.  So, bring yourself to and edge, then stop, take your hand off that slutty dicklett, and rest for 30 seconds.  Wipe off any pre-cum that didn’t drip into that plate, and suck it off your fingers.

Edge To A Ruined Orgasm

Did you enjoy that rest?  It’s the last you’re going to get – sort of.  Start stroking again.  When you get to the next edge, ride it for ten seconds, then rest again for 30 seconds, licking up the pre-cum.  Keep stroking and edging, adding 10 seconds to the “ride” time, with 30 seconds of resting and  pre-cum licking in between.

At some point, you won’t be able to ride that edge and you’ll feel that orgasm building…unstoppable. Now squelch the head of that dicklette of yours and ruin that orgasm!  Just watch the jizz dribble out with no feeling of an explosive orgasm.  No satisfaction for you sissy!  I love a good ruined orgasm and you will learn to love them too.

You’re Not Done

Lick up all that warm cream – but don’t swallow it yet!  How long did you ride that edge before you had that ruined orgasm?   30 seconds, 50, a whole minute?  That’s how long you’re going to let that spooge sit in your mouth, savoring all the flavor, before you swallow it down like a good little cum slurping sissy.

And don’t Ms Lily and I know how all of you little sissy bitches love to slurp cum!   Ready for some ruined orgasm fun?  You know where to find me.  Until then,


Ms Isabelle

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