Cum Eating For Sissy Bitches

How Do You Eat Cum?


Self Swallow Your Own Cum

Sissy Self Swallowing Her Cum

Cum eating is a very submissive act.  Many Mistresses, yours truly included, love to use it as the denouement of our session together.  Part of the price you pay to play.  Upfront, you need to go through teasing and edging, maybe some corporal punishment, perhaps some humiliation.

Then, when it’s all done, when you’ve gotten the reward of a mind blowing orgasm – or maybe not, maybe I decided your reward was a ruined orgasm! – you have to pay the cum tax – by swallowing a nice, warm load!  So, I want to know, when your Mistress makes you swallow a warm creamy load, how do you like to do it?

Just You And Your Hand To Make You Cum

Do you shoot off in your hand?  Spurt after spurt into your palm, forming a sticky, warm puddle of spooge.  Tell, me, do you cup your hand and just pour it into your waiting mouth?  Or are you a “finger lickin’ good” kind of sissy bitch?

Don’t be afraid to talk about it sissy.  I have witnessed many sissies gobbling up the nice hot load of dick gravy they get from sucking a real mans cock.  I have also watch and laughed at a sissy cleaning up her fingers from her own fairy juice.  Either way, it’s all about cleaning up the cum!

Formal Cum Eating

Do you prefer some class with your cock cream?  Perhaps you jerk that cock off onto a plate or a saucer or into a cup.  I have one sub who does it this way, and as she bends over to lick up all that jizz, I spank her beautifully presented ass, adding some punishment to her humiliation!  What about you sissy bitches who love to fill up a shot glass.  That’s a new take on “taking it neat”…

Self Sucking

If you’re going to eat cum for me on cam, there’s nothing like watching you stroke under my guidance, right until you get to the edge.  Then you quickly throw those legs up and over your head, and I get to watch as you furiously pound that sissy stick and cum flies everywhere as you try to suck your own little nub!  I know you’re trying to  get it in your mouth, but it usually ends up on your sissy face or in your hair.  Don’t turn that camera off until I’m sure you’ve licked it all up!

Just look at all the fun we can have with cum!  Go grab your phone, turn on your cam and let’s have some fun with cum.

Until later,

Ms Isabelle



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