Sissy Maid Duties

 Responsibilities Of A Sissy Maid

Duties Of A Sissy Maid

Duties Of A Sissy Maid

I have trained and been host to many different sissy maid fetish role plays. This experience has led me to realize that a sissy maid has many responsibilities to the master or mistress that he is to serve.

A sissy maid is a domesticated male that dresses up like a sissy maid, complete with the french maid outfit (often in bright pink to emasculate him further). A sissy maid often finds sexual pleasure in even the most simple of domestic of tasks, which is good since a large portion of her responsibilities will be domesticated tasks.

A sissy maid will be in charge of keeping the entire house cleaned and will happily do the laundry of her master or mistress. In the kitchen, the sissy maid will be in charge of making meals and snacks.

Finding Pleasure In Sissy Maid Duties

The sissy maid is also responsible for keeping an inventory on any and all items that need to be replaced over time; this includes but is not limited to grocery list, bathroom supplies, dungeon supplies, and resupply of the finest wines.

As a proper sissy maid, you will be responsible for light secretarial work as it is needed to assist your master or mistress. You will take phone calls and record messages as well as do any research that dominant requires. You will learn to find pleasure in even the most mundane of tasks such as data entry when it is being completed for your dominant.

 Transition To A Sissy Maid

Whenever the master or mistress has guests over, you  will not only be the sole caterer of the event, but will be in charge of keeping guest entertained in anyway possible. This could be as simple as taking coats for safekeeping, keeping the music going, serving drinks or even sexual use. That’s right little sissy, you may be put on display for some pegging events!  The word “no” is not in a sissy maid’s vocabulary as she works hard to keep the guests happy.

These are just a few of the basic tasks that you would be required to carry out over time! If you want to learn more about how to make the very real transition into a sissy maid then call now to start your journey.

Until later….

Ms Isabelle


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