Being Devoted To Your Sissy Phone Sex Mistress

Show Your Devotion To Your Sissy Phone Sex Mistress

Devoted To Your Sissy Phone Sex Mistress

Devoted To Your Sissy Phone Sex Mistress

I know that deep down that you want to become a loyal and devoted sissy phone sex slave to a gorgeous, powerful and fashionable sissy phone sex Mistress! I have many years experience in training and shaping sissy boy’s into the very best sissy that they can be.

It is of the utmost importance that when you report to me with pleas that I teach you to become a true and devoted sissy that you are 100% serious. I do not have time to waste my precious minutes with sissy boy wanna-be’s.

Your Sissy Phone Sex Mistress Deserves To Be Spoiled 

A sissy phone sex Mistress such as myself deserves to be spoiled for all the time for effort that I put into my sissy slaves. I work exceptionally hard to transform men into sissies; some men that approach me are pathetic and reproachable, while others are secret sissies that own fortune 500’s in their panties.

I have become accustomed to being showered in devotion, honesty, loyalty and lavish gifts and tributes. I expect nothing less from each and every sissy phone sex slave that I train!

There are many ways that you can spoil your perfect sissy phone sex Mistress. You will learn to worship my body in various ways from giving me pedicures and massaging my perfect, sexy body to sucking on my dirty toes after a workout or doing my laundry. You are nothing more than a perfect sissy maid created by me  and trained to please his sissy phone sex Mistress.

 Lavishing Your Sissy Phone Sex Mistress

You will also be allowed to tribute to your sissy phone sex Mistress in the forms of gifts and lavish cash tips. This will be considered one of the greatest honors to bestowed upon you, allowing you to spoil me in every single way. You will find immense pleasure in showering me with gifts and tributes as you earn the right of passage to become my full-time sissy  phone sex slave.


Are you ready to learn to be the best sissy that you can be, while enjoying spoiling your sissy phone sex Mistress?

Until later……

Ms Isabelle

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