Understanding Transgender

If you are the a transgender male that has been searching for the perfect Distant Domination Mistress to help you through your transition, then search no longer. You are sure to find the perfect mistress here that understands and is well
educated on the subject of transgender.

The first step to becoming a strong, confident and beautiful transgender  is self-acceptance. No matter which Distant Domination Mistress that you choose, she is sure to lead you through the necessary steps to accepting your decision to become YOU. She will help you learn as much about the possibilities and realities of becoming an active transgender or transsexual. Your Mistress will help you deal with feelings of coming out as well.

After you have spent some time coming to terms with the emotional side of becoming a transgender male, you will be ready to start your physical change. Your distant domination mistress is well-versed in the stages of transsexual physical change.

Transgender and Hormone Therapy

The first step that you will start with will be hormone therapy. You will visit a real time therapist for this step in your transition. This will be the most time consuming part of your change. You will notice slight changes such as facial hair minimizing, your voice will soften and the hair on your head will start to grow longer. As your therapist notices the beginning stages taking place, your hormone therapy will be increased to the point that (depending on each individual) will cause you hips to round slightly and your breasts will be become much more prominent. Your hormone therapy during your transgender transition will very based on your own unique physiology.

Transgender To Real Woman

Once these major changes have started to take place your distant domination Mistress will begin talk about sexual reassignment surgery. This is a HUGE step. You should talk to your therapist at length before taking such a huge step! In this permanent procedure, you will have your male external sexual organs removed and reconstructed to form female genital organs. Your distant domination mistress and therapist will guide you through your aftercare and help you to deal with the emotions associated with this gender change. During this phase of transgender training, you and your  mistress will discuss the use of breasts implants to enhance your natural bust line. Breasts implants and SRS are the final stages of becoming a REAL woman.

Throughout your transformation, you will be continuously learning what it will be like to live as a female. You will have to work hard with the support of your distant domination mistress to fit in to the real world again. You will have to learn to live, work and reach general acceptances through your new female life around you. You will receive guidance on every aspect of normal, daily life from your distant domination mistress as you cross over into the life of a real female.

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