It’s Okay To Be Feminized

In today’s society, it is very hard for men to admit their inherent desires and fantasies. Especially if those fantasies go against the standard ‘macho’ image. Here at Sissy Finishing School, we understand that to engage in Feminization phone sex is a step out of your comfort zone, arousing, and confusing.

You probably have a lot of questions about your feminization fantasies. Your distant domination Mistress that will teach you more about yourself and your burning forced feminization needs.

Is it okay to want to be feminized? Is it okay to watch gay porn and have forced bi fantasies? Your distant domination mistress will answer your plethora of questions.  Soon you will undergo your forced feminization and transition into the sissy phone sex slut that you have always dreamed of . Don’t worry about these desires emasculating you or “making you gay,” theses desires are completely normal and natural.

Prepare For Some Feminization Modification

Your distant domination Mistress has the experience and education necessary to turn you into a sissy boy through forced feminization. You will have your behavior and look modified during your sissification training. You will learn to speak and think in a much more feminine way.

You can be assured that our feminization mistress’s can handle a number of roleplay’s and styles of feminization. Some men may prefer to be coddled and guided gently and slowly through process of becoming a sissy boy.  Other’s prefer and become much more aroused by the thoughts of forced feminization. No two sissy phone sex calls are ever the same.   Your distant domination mistress works to weave an individualized fantasy and roleplay for you during your session.

For those sensual feminization lovers, you will find the perfect distant domination mistress to guide you sensually and safely through the steps of becoming the perfect sissy. You and your feminization mistress will share a deeper connection and bond as you submit deeper and deeper into your feminization fantasy. One day, almost without your notice, you are a full-blown and proper sissy boy.

Feminization May Make You Feel Humiliated and Emasculated

If you are into forced feminizition however, you should come prepared to feel humiliated, emasculated and transformed by your distant domination Mistress. You may try to resit the humiliation of being forced into panties, stockings and high heels, but you will not be able to hide your utter arousal by your forced feminization. You might even squirm and fight against the feelings of the smooth red lipstick staining your protesting lips, but we both know that you will be more aroused than you ever imagined.

No matter what kind of sissy boy you are, you will LOVE to get all dolled up with you feminization mistress here at the Sissy Finishing School. Your sissification phone sex Mistress is just waiting to take control of your feminization, forced bi, and cross dressing fantasies and to guide you through and erotic and sensual feminization journey. You will learn more about yourself and your feminization fetish as you are transformed in the perfect sissy boy of your fantasies!

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