How To Be A Good Cocksucker

Being a good cocksucker is all about worshiping your partner and showing them how much you enjoy pleasing them through entertainment and sexual acts. This brings me to the first rule of cock sucking. As an obedient and eager to please cocksucker phone sex trainee, you will be expected to “love the dick” (or dildo) and through acts of fellatio show just how much you love it.

Bonus points if you can convince your Feminization Mistress just what a cock-hungry, cum-loving slut that you really are at the very core of your being. All cocksucker  phone sex trainees will begin their cocksucking training on an average sized dildo or strap-on. Over time you be trained to please cocks of all lengths and girths.

Stap-on training is the perfect way for your Distant Domination Phone Sex Mistress to transform you into the perfect cocksucking sissy. You will learn to ADORE the feeling of his cock throbbing in you sissy slut mouth. During your phone feminzation, your Feminization Mistress will guide you through 4 major categories of “what to do during cocksucking.”


Cocksucker Tips

“What do I do with my hands,” and Handjob Warm-up

You will begin every blowjob as a cocksucker slut by caressing his cock and massaging his balls. You will learn sexy ways to take the cock from the pants and prepare it for a thorough cocksucking from your distant domination Mistress. While you are sucking dick like a good little phone sissy cocksucker, you will need to use your hands correctly to enhance pleasure. Your hands may massage the balls, stroke the cock in rhythm with your mouth. In more risque scenarios,you may gently massage the ass of the recipient. There are many tricks for your hands to learn from your sissy finishing school Mistresses.

“How can I maximize pleasure using my tongue? The tongue is the strongest muscle in your body, so it is imperative that you learn to utilize this “secret weapon” during your cocksucking training. A proper sissy phone sex cocksuckerwill do much more than just shove a dick in his mouth over and over again.  You will worship and adore the cocks you suck, which means utilizing all of the cocksucker resources to create optimal pleasure.

There are a plethora of ways the tongue can be utilized during cocksucking training.  You will be trained thoroughly in each and every one by your distant domination Mistress here are Finishing School for Sissies. The tongue was meant to titillate the small crease on his cock that lies just beneath the head of the penis. You will learn to outline the entire cock and  to worship his balls. For the more extreme sissy boy, worshiping the tight puckered asshole while using his hands to stimulate the cock. Is your tongue prepared for such a workout? Did you know of the many orgasmic sensations that the tongue can create during cock sucking?

Methods To Being A Good Cocksucker

As you are holding his cock between your hands, but just before you swallow his dick you must always  look up into his eyes. Eye contact during a blowjob is just one small trick that will totally change the blowjob experience for your lover and yourself. You will be constantly aware of how much you love your forced bi lover’s cock as you explore every inch of his cock with your mouth and tongue. You will want to keep your mouth nice and open so you can fit as much of his cock in your mouth as possible. You may suck lightly, but sucking is not the focus of the blowjob. You will learn exactly how to sync up your mouth and hand work so that you will be able to deliver mind blowing orgasmic to your partner.

How To Deep Throat

Learning to deep throat is all about learning to say “AHHHH” and relax. It truly is that simple, but I know that learning to deep throat takes  much practice. Your distant domination Mistress is trained in a number of tactics that will help you learn to control your gag reflexes and allow you to “deep throat.” Many of these tactics include, but are not excluded to relaxation techniques, physical training and tongue position. As a forced bi cocksucking slut, you will learn to control your breathing so that you can deep throat better and for longer periods of time. You will even learn to take cum deep in your throat!

Most lovers will prefer that you swallow their cum, and to be a good cocksucker sissy, you will have to become a cum-loving slut. That being said, some lovers will prefer to cum on your
mouth, face, or body. You should communicate with each lover as to what their preference is, but during your Feminization training, you will be fed cum constantly. This will ensure that you become a proper cocksucking sissy phone sex slut for your distant domination Mistress. Your cocksucking training will also include periods of critique where your distant domination Mistress will analyze your cocksucking skills as a sissy slut and identify any mistakes. You will learn to improve from your mistakes and become a sissy cocksucking slut just like you have always dreamed.

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