Weekend Play Party Fun

Wild Weekend Play Party Fun

Weekend Play Party Fun

Weekend Play Party Fun

I wanted to share a story about a wild and kinky play party that I recently went to with a couple of my most well-trained kinky phone sex slaves! Memorial Day is such a great weekend to kick off play party fun.

First off, we all spent the day getting ready, which require manicure’s and pedicure’s for all! Then we sat around putting on our make-up together as my slave chattered away in excitement for the big play party that night! I then showed them the matching outfits that they would be wearing that night! I had them dress in the perfect french maid outfits, but these costumes had a twist: they were all hot pink with white aprons, white thigh’s and hot pink pumps to match! My slaves went insane with excitement as they quickly went about dressing themselves and inspecting one another for our special play party extravaganza.

 The Play Party Activities In Full Swing

After we had all dressed, we headed down to my dungeon to greet all of our guests for the night! The dungeon was already in full swing with couples playing at various stations, but everyone went quiet as I arrived with my entourage to the play party. I smiled, waving everyone back to what they were doing. I had auctioned my slaves off for the night to be used by many of my prominent and kinky guests. My slave followed me dutifully as I guided them to each of their Master’s and/or Mistress’s for the night.

 Kink And Taboo Fun At The Play Party

Each slave had a night planned full of tasks that would push their limits and training to the very edge. Some of them would endure a night of sissification or bimbofication where they would be used in a variety of ways from sucking cocks to full-on gang-bangs where she would be used completely. Others would have their pain tolerances tested; From excruciating CBT to harsh paddling and floggings to wax and fire play. The dungeon was alive with kink and taboo play late into the night as my slaves were tested and tried by many of my guests.


There is much to tell of this play party night and perhaps if you are lucky, I will tell you more another time; OR you could just give me a call and get all of the naughty and kinky details now!

Until later……

Ms Isabelle

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