Sissy Resolutions

Time For New Year Sissy Resolutions

2014 Sissy Resolutions

2014 Sissy Resolutions

The New Year is quickly approaching and I know that there are plenty of sissies out there that are looking to make some sissy resolutions this year! I think it is important to make New Year Resolutions that will help you grow in and become the sissy you truly want to be.. The first step is to let go of your inhibitions so that you can set some good New Year Sissy Resolutions.

The first New year Resolution that every sissy should have is to become more feminine. Using your appreciation and admiration for women, you will learn to become more and more feminine with each passing month of the New year. You will focus on feeling and acting more feminine. You will use powerful and beautiful women as your role models in becoming the most feminine you possibly can.

Taking Chances With Sissy Resolutions

Your second New Year sissy  resolution should be to take a few chances! If you have never shaved completely, including your legs and private areas, then it’s time to shave. If you have never worn a wig or grown out your hair, now is the time to fulfill these sissy resolutions! If you have never dressed up in full drag then this should be one of your sissy resolutions. It’s time to take a chance and there is no time better than 2014 to give it a try!

One last sissy resolution every sissy should make is to make a big purchase. You should get that perfect wig, new stockings, sexy shoes or sassy new skirt. For this New Year sissy resolution, you should give into your desire to make that big new purchase that will make you feel sexy and feminine. There is nothing like a little retail therapy to make you feel like a real woman.

 Sissy Resolutions  Are A Must!

These are just a few big New Year sissy resolutions that every sissy should give try. I hope that you are ready to become more feminine than ever in 2014, because this is the year for you!

Need some extra help when I am away?  Get in touch with Ms Lily and join her Build A Better You program. No matter what you decide to do, 2014 is the year for you to make those sissy resolutions come true!

Happy New Year  Darlings!!

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