Sissy Shopping Tips For Spring

Spring Shopping Tips For Sissies

Sissy Shopping Tips-Shop Till You Drop

Sissy Shopping Tips-Shop Till You Drop

With spring in the air, it means lots of hot new spring fashion to indulge in and splurge on!  I know that as a sissy phone sex lover, you love to stay up to date in the latest trends and you MUST look super hot this spring.  This means you have lots to learn from nail polish, to the perfect shades of lipstick,  to pieces of designer clothing made just for spring hotties like us!

First off, you want to learn to shop smart for the spring so this means hitting up some of those thrift stores to score some awesome trendy spring clothes for a killer deal!  You need to go in with a plan of what trends are hot before you enter, but you will not be disappointed in the things that you will find!  If you splurge on a pair of hot designer jeans or a great designer dress, pair it some super cute but cheap sandals, etc!

Shopping For Accessories

Secondly, know how to accessorize yourself for the spring and this means everything from chunky earrings to bold purses and colorful shoes.  There is one super important accessory and that is sunglasses. You are going to need several pairs of super hot and hip sunglasses to go with all of your latest and greatest outfits!  Last, but not least, you will want to pair up your spring outfits with some hot and colorful spring nail polishes; This will give you a well put together and smoking hot appeal!

Shopping On-line or At The Mall

These are just a few of the sissy shopping tips I have.  You can learn more sissy shopping tips during our sissy phone sex session.  You will be shocked at the amount of knowledge that I have to offer you during our elite sissy phone sex training.  If you want to gain more insight on shopping tips for sissies, give Ms Lily or myself a call and let’s shop till we drop!
Happy Shopping Weekend Everyone!
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