The Proper Sissy Cuckold

How To Be A Proper Sissy Cuckold

Sissy Cuckold Phone Sex

Sissy Cuckold Phone Sex

A proper sissy cuckold has many duties that she is responsible to take care of. She will find herself performing a myriad of tasks that keeps her aroused almost all of the time.

First of all, the sissy cuckold will be in charge of taking me shopping, along with a manicure and pedicure the day that I am to meet up with my bull stud. I enjoy being able to tell my sexy big black cock lover that my sissy cuckold bought me the lingerie that has him so aroused and ready to punish my pussy for looking so sweet.

Secondly, the sissy cuckold will make a special shopping trip so that she can make us some special appetizers and deserts prior to the hook up with my bull stud. Her job is to satisfy us in every single way.

 Sissy Cuckold Serves As A Sissy Maid  

Once the well-hung and studly bull has arrived the sissy cuckold will serve as a sissy maid; She will serve us drinks and food till we are so horny that we can’t another moment to fuck. At this point, the sissy cuckold will slowly and seductively remove my clothes down to my sexy panties and bra that will have my bull stud popping out of his jeans. You will then undress him and kneel before him waiting for your next instructions.

The Sissy Cuckold Fluffer

At this point, the sissy cuckold will serve as a “fluffer,” eagerly and hungrily sucking on my BBC lovers dick. She will work hard to make his cock throb in her mouth, tasting the little bits of pre-cum before my lover shoves his cock deep into my tight and wet pussy.

Our sweet and submissive sissy cuckold will sit closely, rubbing his little clitty on command as he waits for the chance to puts his tongue against my wet pussy, licking up that hot and sticky creampie.  She lives to be a creampie phone sex cleanup slut after all. Once my bull stud explodes into my pussy my sissy cuckold will instantly press his lips to my pussy licking me clean.

These are the main and primary duties of a sissy cuckold slave, but each sissy cuckold may receive more tasks as her Mistress deems appropriate.   I know you are excited about being my little sissy cuckold, so pick up the phone and let’s have some fun!

Until then,

Ms Isabelle


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