It’s Time to Step Into Spring, Sissies!

It's time to develop some sissy style!

It’s time to develop some sissy style!

Now, it goes without saying that for some of you, having a cock stuffed down your gullet is the true extent of your interest in being feminized.  But for others, the yearning is deep to embrace all things girly, and if you find yourself feeling as if that describes you, then this sissy assignment is for you!

I often hear people from all points on the feminization spectrum talk about how they feel like they missed out during their childhood years because they did not get to play with dolls.  Barbie and her wardrobe are things that continue to pop up in conversation, and I can understand why.  I know that I had a carrying case full of Barbie clothes and accessories.  I couldn’t wait to burn through my allowance, buying the hottest trends.

Put on Your Pink Creative Hats – It’s Sissy Assignment Time

We’re going to do an on-going sissy assignment.  From time to time,  I will call on you to show me your creations.  But you are to not just participate when I’ve directly requested it.  You can consider this a sissy journal, of sorts.

Do you have your pink gel pens ready to take notes?  Good girls!  Now, this is what you will do.

a) Create a free account on Polyvore.  This is a mainstream site, so do not create a username like “Forced Bi Slut”.  Be classy.

b)  Follow the Sissy Finishing School account.

c)  Let your creative feminized energy run free!  Your first sissy assignment is to imagine that you are presenting yourself to Ms. Isabelle and me for consideration to see if you are a sissy slut worth training.  What would ensemble would you wear in an attempt to convince us that you are a sissy that is worthy of our time?  Put together a set that follows the assignment guidelines, then leave a comment here with your username and the name of your set.  Were you paying attention?  Those comments are to go on this post. Do not rely on the comment section on Polyvore.

I expect to see some stunning examples of your notion of femininity, and your ability to follow through on future sissy assignments.

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