Feminization Makeup Lesson – Mascara Part 2

Flutter Your Sissy Lashes

Flutter Your Sissy Lashes

Now that you’ve collected some of the necessary tools for feminization makeup,  it’s time to learn to make those eyes look bigger. That not only enhances your overall beauty, but for those of you that will be cock sucking sissies, it will make you look so feminine as you look upward with a mouth full of real man meat.

If you got a lash comb, we’ll want to start off by using that.  If you have a magnifying mirror…and some of you probably need that to make your little sissyclittys seem bigger…this would be a good time to use it.  We want to separate your sissy lashes, so that the mascara will apply to each individual lash.

Lash Curler or Sissy Ovary Crusher?

If you’ve not practiced with feminization makeup tools like a lash curler before, be careful. If you get it too close, you can pinch the flesh of your eyelid.  Off topic, but I wonder if I could squeeze one of those hard enough to properly castrate a sissy?

At any rate, carefully position the curler at the base of your lashes   There are a couple of ways that you can do this  One is to put the curler in place and squeeeeeeeeze!  I prefer that you do that, as it gives a more anime effect.  Count to 15, then release the tension, then repeat.  After you’ve done the second cycle, open the curler, remove it, and repeat the process on your other lash.  Transgendered girls who are going for a more natural look can make gentler squeezes, in sections up the lash

Get Girly – Mascara Application

Get your mascara, and open it. Do not get into the habit of pumping the wand furiously in and out, the way you would love to pump a real man’s cock in your manicured fingers.  To do so forces air in, and the induction of extra air reduces the shelf life of the product.

If you see any clumps of mascara on the wand, slide it back into the tube, and gently rotate it to remove them.  If  that doesn’t do the trick, lightly wipe off the excess with a tissue.

To prevent smearing, I start with my top lashes, and so will you.  Put the brush at the base of the lashes, and make a gentle ziz-zag motion with the wand as you move it upward.  Use a light hand; you don’t want to mess up the curl.    You may want to go for a demure look, and you may want to go for wanton sissy slut. Repeat layers according to what you hope to achieve.   If you are going to do more than one layer, only wait 15 seconds or so between layers.  Otherwise, you may end up all with your lashes in ugly clumps.

When you have the top lashes done, gently sweep the wand over your lower lashes.  Unless your goal is to be a Sissy Goth Harlot, one coat will be sufficient on your lower lashes.  If you get some on your skin, just dampen a Qtip with your eye makeup remover, and lightly go over your boo-boo until it disappears.  You can skip the bottom lashes altogether, if you like.  I often do.

When you have perfected the technique, send me a picture of your feminized eyes.  Who knows, I may post it here for everyone to see!

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