Cross Dressing

Cross Dressing Is Much More Than Just A Sexual Feeling

For those that enjoy and love Cross dressing phone sex, there is much more to it than just the sex. They adore and crave the feeling of silky fabrics and lacy clothing brushing erotically against their skin as they go through the ritual of cross dressing. They can’t help but to be addicted to the feeling elicited by the delicate clothing as they move about.

Your choice of experienced and educated Distant Domination Mistresses will indulge in  your cross dressing fetish/lifestyle with finesse and discretion.  She  will  guide you through the doors of Forced Feminization.  You explore the very depths of your forced bi phone sex and sissy fantasies. Each of your cross dressing Mistress’ not only has a plethora of experience with male cross dressers, they are enthralled and interested by the secrets that you are willing to share.

Here at Finishing School for Sissies, we believe that a cross dresser is more than the clothing we choose for him. Each sissy cross dresser is unique and has a very special story to share about their first desires to cross dress. You will find this is your safe place to share with a Distant Domination Mistress that actually cares about you and your desires. Each of your Mistress’s is eager to hear your story and to help you achieve your cross dressing goals.

There Are Several Misconceptions About Cross Dressers

1. Cross dressers are gay:

While I am experienced with cross dressing fantasies that also included forced bi phone sex or gay fantasies, I recognize that not ALL cross dressers are gay. Many cross dressers even enjoy fairly vanilla sex while cross dressing.

2. Cross dressers don’t like women or have weird sexual habits:

Many men that are cross dressers’s adore women to such an extension that they enjoy playing the role of a woman. They relish  in the feel of  sensual clothing. They find happiness in taking on the mentality of a strong, powerful woman. Many cross dressing lovers carry on completely normal relationships with women.

3. Cross dressers dress for sexual gratification:

It has been shown time and time again that many cross dressing males do it mainly for personal pleasure. They love looking and feeling like a pretty, feminine woman.

4. Cross dresser always wear women’s clothing:

Cross Dressers Form Bonds With Their Distant Domination Mistresses

Many feminization lovers cross dress much less than you would imagine. Many cross dressers only cross dressing once a month or once every six months. Some cross dressing males found that something as simple as wearing panties helped them find a calming feeling necessary to face major projects.

Cross dressing phone sex is very unique and special in the feelings that it elicits.   There are  bonds that  will surely form between you and your Distant Domination Mistress. At Sissy Finishing School for Sissies, you will find a safe place to explore and to expand your cross dressing fetish/lifestyle.

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