Becoming A Transwoman

Being A Transwoman

Becoming A Transwoman

After several years of consulting with and assisting various males to enter the realm of being transgender. I have learned that being transgendered is NOT a fetish. Being transgendered means that you seriously believe that your quality of life will overall improve as you transition to become a real transwoman.

If you are a transgendered individual, that means that living in a male body is hurtful and harmful for your psyche, your emotions, and much more. Living as a male when you are supposed to be a woman means a life of turmoil. Today you don’t have to hide from those feelings.

Being born a male and wanting to be a female in later life is not taboo anymore. It is accepted and acknowledged in the medical field as a real and treatable condition. It is now referred to gender identity disorder or gender dysphoria.

What Is A Transwoman-Transgender-Transexual 

WebMD states:

Gender identity disorder (GID), also known as gender dysphoria, is a formal diagnosis used by psychologists and physicians to describe people who experience significant dysphoria (discontent) with the sex they were assigned and/or the gender roles associated with that sex.

Affected individuals are commonly referred to a transwomantransexual or transgender. Evidence suggests that people who identify with a gender different from the one they were assigned at birth may do so not just due to psychological or behavioral causes, but also biological ones related to their genetics, the makeup of their brains, or prenatal exposure to hormones.

 Coming To Terms At Sissy Finishing School

With your Mistresses at Sissy Finishing School, will help you come to terms with your needs and desires to become the real transwoman that you have always dreamed of being.

This means that you are not a fly by night sissy boy with fluttering fantasies about being a woman for the night. Being transgendered means that you can’t stand living one more minute as a man without hope of becoming a REAL transwoman.

You must be 100% committed to doing whatever it takes to fulfill your need to become a transwoman through always presenting as a woman in your everyday life. I realize this is not always possible, especially in the work place and around casual acquaintances who are not privilege to this part of your life. Eventually everyone will be apprised of your desires to be a transwoman once you start your counseling with your transgender therapist.

Being A Transwoman Is A Lifetime Commitment

Together we will find the heart of your desire to become a happy and well balanced transwoman. We will explore a number of your concerns and needs to ensure that you are 100% sure about starting the transgender counseling and eventually hormone replacement therapy . Those are the first two steps in becoming a transwoman.

Do you think that you are ready to delve deep into your needs and desires? Are you serious about becoming a transwoman? The time to start your transition is now.


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