I Want To Emasculate YOU

I Want To Emasculate YOU!

I Want To Emasculate YOU!

Time For Me To Emasculate You


I love to emasculate my submissives. Many of you may wonder what it means when a Mistress decides to emasculate one of her submissives. Here is the definition of the word emasculate for those that are not familiar with that form of control or humiliation.


Emasculate : To deprive of strength,vigor or spirit; weaken. to make (a man) feel less masculine : to deprive (a man) of his male strength, role, etc.Ā to make (something)(someone) weaker or less effective.


There are many ways that an experienced Humiliatrix such as myself can emasculate you and I want to share a few of my favorite ways. Let me start with the most obvious ways to emasculate you.

Ways For Me To Emasculate You

First of all, you will be made aware of how little your opinions, job and money matter to me. I have no desire to make you feel good about your job or how much money you are making. I also do not think you have the ability to make good decisions, which means that your opinion is of no consequence to me. You are just a pathetic loser that is lucky to have a Mistress like me that will agree to allow you to serve me.

Secondly, I will be in charge of your every move. You clearly make such bad decisions. Only a strong and powerful woman like me could help you get back on the correct track. I will be in charge of your daily schedule, your bank account, and your free time. You will always remember to ask for permission before doing something that you want to do and that my needs ALWAYS come first.

Another obvious way to emasculate you is to make you conscious and aware of how small your cock is in comparison with some of my other lovers. This will mean that you have to start wearing ONLY girly panties to cover up your little clitty. You might even get to wear your new panties as I fuck my well endowed BBC lover in front of you!

Are You Ready For Me To Emasculate You?

I will slowly transform you into a complete bimbo sissy that will desire to be a cocksucking slave as you completely loose every ounce of your masculinity. Losing your masculinity is the ultimate way to emasculate you my little pet. You will learn to move, act and think just like a sissy. You will put the needs of your lovers far above your own and be exceptionally grateful for any pleasure that you earn.

Those are just a few ways in which I can emasculate you. If you’d like more emasculation and humiliation, give the Mistresses at Sissy Finishing School a call. I can’t think of anything I rather do on this lovely fall Monday than emasculate you!


Until then………

Ms Isabelle

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