Visible Panty Lines

 Sissies Love Visible Panty Lines 

Sissies Love Visible Panty Lines!

Sissies Love Visible Panty Lines!

There is something inherently sexy about visible panty lines that just can’t be explained in words. I guess you could say it’s a fetish of sorts. Of course the tightness of that mini dress or jeans is a turn on of it’s own, but then you can see those panties showing through!

Oh my! I know that you love seeing visible panty lines on the women that you serve, which is what makes you love showing off your own panty lines when you are dressed up like the perfect slutty woman you desire to be.

I know you want to show off your visible panty lines so that the girls that I show you off to. They will immediately know that you are hungry to serve and to be a dirty slut for them. Every time that you bend over to serve a drink, or every time you kneel to worship the feet of a Goddess, your visible panty lines will be showing off your dirty secret.

Showing Off Those Visible Panty Lines

You get so turned on by the idea of visible panty lines that you are tempted to wear your panties under your normal, drab work attire. You start to buy your work pants or gym clothes a bit tighter threatening to show off your visible panty lines under your everyday clothes. You can’t help but be turned on as you figure out new ways to show off your visible panty lines.

You even begin to fantasize about what the real men of the world think about visible panty lines!  I am sure it comes as no surprise to you that most men find visible panty lines to have an erotic impact.  So whether you are showing off for your Mistress or for the real men of the world, your arousal is showing just like your panty lines are showing!

Constant Arousal From Your Visible Panty Lines

I know that you spend a good amount of your time just daydreaming about visible panty lines and you have to fight off your constant arousal so that you aren’t touching yourself constantly. Now is the time to really enjoy your fetish for visible panty lines and to give into your inhibitions! Don’t be shy sissy.

Ms Lily and I have either talked about or participated in just about every fetish you sissies can throw our way. We love indulging you in your fantasies and fetishes. Go ahead, get dressed up in that perfect slutty outfit and give us a call for a cam session. Then we can see exactly what those visible panty lines do for your little sissy clitty.


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