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Discovering Small Penis Humiliation

Little Dick Loser

Small Penis Humiliation

Did you recently just discover that you, in fact, do have a very small penis? Perhaps, girls were nice to you during college, but when you attempted to be with a real woman, you were laughed at and then informed that you are just another small penis humiliation loser? I know exactly how a small cock loser needs and deserves to be treated.

The first instinct you may discover is that you are having is the urge to wear woman’s underwear. A pair of pink, silky panties. Since you only possess the equipment that is the equivalent of an enlarged clit, panties will be the perfect thing to start your transition into a full-time (SPH) small penis humiliation phone sex lover! We will hide your tiny penis in the perfect pair of silky, pink panties that will make you feel much less like a man and more and more like a prissy, sissy faggot.

Little Dick Losers Like To Suck Cock

The next instinct you are going experience is the urge to suck a nice big cock. Some men have fantasies about tranny cock, while others dream of sucking a real man’s nice big fat cock. Either way you will be sucking cock like a good little panty phone sex slut. I will teach you how to suck those nice big cocks that dwarf your clit in comparison.

You will start slow, taking the cock into your mouth inch by inch, working your hands on the exposed cock and balls. Once you have become more comfortable with that you will learn to deep throat that throbbing hard cock! As a panty phone sex slut and small penis humiliation loser, it is imperative that you learn to suck cock! Then, once you master the art of cock sucking, I have something else in store for you but we will save that for later.

Small Penis Humiliation Turns You Into A Perfect Little Cocksucker 

During your small penis humiliation sessions, these are just two of the main steps to teach you to become a proper panty wearing loser for your SPH Mistress. I am extremely experienced when it comes to transitioning you into a completely emasculated little  dick loser and a good little sissy cocksucker.

Now hurry up and grab your panties and get to class. I have my ruler waiting to measure you at the door and you could be my “small penis humiliation loser” of the day and I have something special in store for you!


Until then………


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