Sissy Spanking Fun

Are You Ready For Some Sissy Spanking Fun?

Are You Ready For Some Sissy Spanking Fun?

Do You Love The Sissy Spanking?


Many people think that in order to get a spanking that one must be “naughty” or “bad.” This is not really true. A sissy spanking can be much more than a punishment and, in fact, many people love the sissy spanking even when they aren’t being naughty. There are even sissies that LOVE a sissy spanking and just can’t get enough of it!

Why Do Sissies Love Spankings?

One of the first reasons that many sissies love sissy spankings is because of the way it makes them feel to be dominated and spanked by a powerful and sexy Mistress. Whether they are being pulled over the knee of their Mistress or standing bent over the sofa, the sissy feels stripped of his power and masculinity. He is emasculated with each sharp spank of his ass. He is reminded of his place beneath his Mistress.

A sissy spanking can also be a huge stress reliever. It releases endorphin’s in the brain that causes the entire body to relax once the sissy spanking is over. So, in a way, the sissy spanking is therapeutic for some. Each smack brings the sissy closer and closer to feeling completely free of stress. The sissy spanking causes the body to tense and release during the spanking and this is what makes the body feel so relaxed after the spanking.

Ā Arousal Factor Of The Sissy Spanking

The most obvious reason that sissies love a good sissy spanking is because of the way it feels and makes them feel. The feeling of their ass getting hot and red with each smack, and the feeling of emasculation rushing over them like hot water. The feelings of arousal well up inside of them and take control of their body during a sissy spanking. They are helpless to the feelings and to their Mistress as the spanking continues.

If you love and/or desire a good sissy spanking then now is the time to let go of your inhibitions and submit to the feelings that you so desperately need. I love giving spankings to sissies whether it’s for punishment or just for erotic fun, and I bet Ms Lily does too. Perhaps you should make an appointment with both of us for some tag-team sissy spanking fun.


Until later,

Ms Isabelle



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