Sissy Pain Sluts

Ms Lily 855-7ASISSY

I’ll make you beg my flogger, bitch.

I don’t have a live-in sissy, but I do have a few that I torment locally, and a couple of them more than most.  In addition to being a cock-loving sissy slut like many of you, she is also a pain slut.  Pain slut sissies have a special place in my heart, because they can be taught to beg so prettily.  And that’s just what I had this wretched harlot doing this morning.

I have an adorable, cozy little house that is just fit for a princess.  It is fair to say that I am a neat freak.  It’s also fair to say that I have better things to do with my time than to clean.  I see no reason to employ a housekeeping service when I can be knee-deep in sissy maids at the snap of my fingers.  The only problem with that is that sissy maids like to be used, and I’ve been in a rather sadistic mood lately.  Of course, that means that I’ve charged a sissy that is not inclined to serve in that manner to serve in that manner.  She knows better than to grumble, but I still take pleasure in the fact of knowing that she doesn’t like what she’s doing, but that she does it anyway.

Because I said so.  No other reason is necessary.

A Sissy Pain Slut Gets Her Just Rewards

I’m a sadistic bitch at times, but I tend to be fair. At least when it pleases me to be.   After I did inspection this morning, I found that I was in a mood to be generous.  I’d gotten a good night’s sleep, and woke up to a sparkling house.  So I decided that some rewards were in order, and I sent sissy to fetch one of my suede floggers.

She scurried off eagerly, and I had to laugh when she returned.  I could see the need gleaming in her eye like stars strewn across the velvet black of a night sky.  I made her wait for 45 minutes while I took a sissy phone sex call.  Though my focus was on my caller, I was aware of her presence…just standing there, waiting.  Now and then she’d dart out a finger, and run it over one of the strands of the flogger.

When the call ended, I started off by making the sissy pain slut kiss my bare toes.  She had to kneel down to do this, of course.  I amused myself by letting the flogger idly dance over her exposed spine while her lips gratefully pressed up against my French tipped pedicure.

Then I sat down for awhile, and made her beg.  It’s such a lovely thing when someone begs you to hurt them.

Finally, I did.  I picked up my flogger, had her assume the position of the day, and I flogged her sissy back and her sissy clitty until my arm was too tired to swing it anymore.   I settled back and took a couple more calls then, and made her keep her position for another hour.   Alas, she got a cramp in her calves, and the end result is that she’ll be back tomorrow to clean out the garage.   If she’s lucky, I’ll let Kali’s Teeth sink into her worthless sissy clitty, and we’ll dial that pain up a notch.

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