Sissy Castration Fantasies

Castration Time!

Castration Time!

I know that some of you have thought of it before. You’ve twisted and turned in front of the looking glass, admiring yourself in your Agent Provocateur panties. Your hair is flawless styled, your makeup is perfect, and the seams in your thigh highs are perfectly straight. You’ve dieted and whittled that waist down to a hand-span, and you almost look like a fashion model.


There’s just the issue of those panties not laying entirely flat, isn’t it, dearheart?  No matter if you’ve practiced tucking until you are an expert, it’s still there.  It’s there even when you are wearing gaffs.  It’s not so much the girlcock that causes it.  No…it’s your sissy sack.   It’s such a lumpy, bumpy mess, and it doesn’t look pretty in those expensive panties, does it?  I know you’ve had fantasies about being castrated and fully emasculated.  And I’ve had fantasies of doing it to you.

Let’s Get Rid of Those Sissy Ovaries!

I don’t know exactly how one goes about such a thing.  I’ve never been privy to castration education.  But I like to think of your smooth body being presented to me, with a pink ribbon tying off your sissy ovaries.  Sometimes I like to fantasize about it being something you long for, and is given to you as a reward, after you’ve begged me to do it.

Other times a sadistic smile crosses my face as I think of it being something you want to shy away from, but know that as my sissy slut, it is your destiny.  I like to think about the feel of your terror in the air as I take out a ivory-handled scalpel and skate it over the surface of them, toying with you before beginning the actual procedure.

Of course, I could use banding, or could turn you into the ultimate emasculated sissy via chemical castration.  But for some reason, the idea of cutting you appeals to me most.   But don’t worry, dearlings.  I’ll use pink thread to sew up your wounds.

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