Sissy and Transgendered Lesbians

Girl Power!

Girl Power!

Before I get started, I wanted to tell all you anxious pets that the moment you have been waiting for is soon to arrive. In short, my darling Ms Isabelle and I will soon be taking your calls. So stay tuned for more info.

Now…on to the topic at hand. And one that I think really gets very little press. That, ladies, is the plight of the sissy or transgendered lesbian.  When most people think of feminized girlmen or transgendered ladies, they imagine that they are all fantasizing about dropping to their knees and rolling their tongue around the head of a well-formed cock.

While that is true in the *majority* of instances, it is not at all true in all of them.  Not in the least.

Appearances Can Be Deceiving

As we all know by now…or should know by now….if you don’t, you are forbidden from using your lip gloss for a week…appearances can be and often are deceiving.  Just because someone looks one way doesn’t mean anything.  Take me for example.  I look rather friendly and approachable, I think.  I can be those things, but I can also flog some sissy ass when the mood strikes me.

In that same vein, not all cross dressers, sissies, or transgendered girls want to give blowjobs.  The very notion of doing it makes some of them queasy, and that group is what I refer to as sissy lesbians.

They’ve Got a Yen for Pussy Paradise

Though they are certainly not as commonplace as the sissy cocksucker, I’ve encountered more than a few sissy lesbians in my time.  They are *especially* fun to feminize, because I know that each moment…each touch of my fingers…each time my perfume teases them…each time my breast brushes against them….well…each moment is sweet agony.  They long to be my female lover, and have our soft bodies entwined.

Sometimes if a sissy lesbian has been particularly good, and I feel that she is deserving, I will allow her to glide her tongue over my clit, sucking at it, and licking my pussy until she brings me to orgasm.  Of course, just because I let her lap up my kitty cream doesn’t mean that she gets to make any herself.  Then I prefer to just let my nails trail over the front of her panties, and chide her for being such a messy sissy lesbian.

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