When Sissies Purge

 Sissies PurgeI always feel a little sad when sissies purge.  I like to encourage self acceptance, and when sissies purge, it is the antithesis of self acceptance.  On top of that, just think of all those lovely, feminine clothes going to waste!  If anything is shameful, that is.  So Ms. Isabelle and I have joined forces to stomp out sissy purging.  And yes, we’ll be wearing stilettos as we do it.

Why Sissies Purge

Some locales are very accepting of gender issues, as evidenced by a third gender being officially recognized in many countries.  Sadly, though advances have been made, the US is puritanical, and we still live under the dark umbrella of a mindset that deep at it’s roots believes that sex is bad.   And if conventional, vanilla sex between a man and woman is bad, just think how society looks upon men who like to dress up or who strive to be as feminine as they possibly can.

In a word, sissies purge because of shame.

Stop Sissy Purging

If you find yourself considering a purge, I want you to visualize a stop sign, and take the following steps.

S – Surrender  Accept your sissy self.   You can throw clothing away, and you ditch your makeup.  But you can’t change how you are hard-wired.  Baby, you were born this way.

T – Transcend   When the Urge to Purge strikes, you are vulnerable, and any action that you take will be a reaction to those feelings of shame, not a conscious-thought out choice.  Step outside of the current moment,  note it, accept it, and remember that what you feel right in that moment is not a permanent feeling.

O – Oasis  Everyone has an oasis, and when you feel like purging, it’s time to find yours. It may be an actual physical place, or it may just be a state of mind. But you need sanctuary from all the negative winds whipping through your mind like a violent tornado. Find your safe place, and practice self-care until the storm of emotion passes.  Take action to protect yourself, and your pretty things,  Rent a storage unit, hand them over to a trusted friend, or tell yourself that if you still feel the same way in a month that you’ll get rid of them then.

P- Phone  When you feel like no one in the world understands, that is when you need Sissy Finishing School the most. The desire to purge puts you in a delicate emotional state, and you need the compassionate, empathetic guidance that we offer.  So pick up the phone, and find solace.

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