Mouth Soaping for the Insolent Sissy

Ms Lily 855-7ASISSY

I’ll make you beg, bitch.

In an ideal world, all sissies would be demure and well behaved, and I would never need to do any sissy  mouth soaping.  But as we all know, the world is not an ideal place, and therefore, from time to time, a good old-fashioned mouth soaping is in order for the insubordinate sissy. My theory is that if you act like a willful child, that I will treat you like a willful child.  I will demean you, and I will make you suffer.    Then, when you are on your knees whimpering for forgiveness, and the honor of serving me again, I’ll either decide you’ve had enough, and send you off to wash your tear-stained face, or I will decide that you need a hearty dose of castor oil on top of your mouth soaping.

The choice is really yours.  It all boils down to how well you take your medicine.

Liquid or Bar – Which is Most Effective for a Sissy Mouth Soaping?

Sometimes a bar is more appropriate.  If the offense is relatively mild, a comparable soap, like Ivory may be in order.  If I’m annoyed, you may be opening your mouth for a soaping of a more potent variety, a la Lifeboy.  It’s almost like pairing the right wine to the correct meal, and cleansing the palate takes on an entirely different meaning.

Liquid soap can be fun too.  I find it particularly effective for rubbing furiously into the taste buds.  Don’t even think about retching during your sissy mouth soaping!  That will call for sterner measures, and you may find that it turns into a very vicious circle.

One that I am destined to win, each and every time.


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