Feminization Hypnosis Journey For You

 Your Journey Into Feminization Hypnosis

Strip Away Your Manhood With Feminization Hypnosis

Your Journey Into Feminization Hypnosis

I know that you are looking forward to taking a long erotic trip with me as you get lost in your own mind, following only the sound of my voice. I want you to come to me ready and willing to accept the trance during our feminization hypnosis session. You will have an open mind, letting go of all inhibitions. I will guide you through a hypnotic trance that will have you letting go of the world around you and embracing the sound of my voice as your only guide.

At first you will find that you are able to admit your desires for feminization much easier during this feminization hypnosis. You will freely express your desires to become more and more feminine. You will see yourself becoming much more womanly as I guide you through this fantasy. During this feminization hypnosis, you will learn to focus on the inner-woman so that you can channel these desires into reality.

Enter Into The Feminization Hypnosis Trance 

Once you are in a nice deep trance, I can begin to control your body as well as your mind. I will tap into your subconscious and plant the right trigger words especially for your training. We will slowly slip you into a pair of panties and a matching bra during your feminization hypnosis. You will then have time to take in the feeling of slowly becoming more feminine as you become dressed much more womanly.

During your feminization hypnosis, we will tap into the real roots of your sexuality and use that energy and knowledge to create the perfect womanly persona for you. You will find out the deep seated reasons for your desire to be feminized and really feel the cravings and desire to be feminized wash over you as you go deeper and deeper into your trance. You will find yourself truly becoming much more womanly than you had ever imagined before.

 Feminization Hypnosis Enhances Your Womanhood

Soon we will have you slipping into that perfect mini skirt, tight minidress, lingerie, or skinny jeans, hiding away your manliness and enhancing your womanhood. Your feminization hypnosis will have you totally transformed into the woman that you have secretly desiring to be for quite some time now. You will find the feminine clothes to fit better and feel more erotic on your body; This feeling only drives you to become more womanly during this feminization hypnosis session.

When you are at the deepest point in the trance, you will find that your body feels much more feminine and womanly. Your voice will naturally become softer and of a slightly higher pitch than normal. Your body will begin to accept the feminization that is taking over it during this feminization hypnosis process.  Are you ready to experience feminization hypnosis?  Yes? Then you already know that Ms Lily and I are anxiously awaiting your call.  And don’t worry sissy, for those of you who are resistant.  We have forced feminization hypnosis techniques waiting just for you!

Until later….

Ms Isabelle

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