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Anal Stretching Assignment For Sissies

Time For Your Anal Stretching Class Sissies

Anal stretching is something that most sissies becoming interested with at one point or another.  It is a very common fetish.  Anal stretchingcan be a small amount or an extreme amount of stretching.  Sometimes people are a bit scared to start the anal stretching process, but it is a very enjoyable feeling when done the correct way!

Gathering Your Anal Stretching Supplies

The first thing you will want to do is gather your supplies.  You will want at least 3 differently sized objects or toys; A small, medium and large.  The sizes used during anal stretching will vary based on your own personal experience.  You will also want lots of lube!   Lube is really important for a pleasurable anal stretching experience.

Time For Anal Stretching

Once you have everything, it’s time to get started!  You will want to start by lubing up your smallest toy really good.  Then it’s time for you to insert that toy into your ass nice and slow; It’s best to take it inch by inch.  Try hard to focus on relaxing your muscles so that you can take your toy in completely.  Once you have taken the smallest toy completely in your ass, you will relax for a few minutes letting your ass adjust to the size.

After you have adjusted to the smallest toy, you will slowly move the toy in and out of your ass, being careful to not overstimulate yourself.  If you feel your arousal beginning to peak you will stop and let yourself cool down before fucking yourself some more.

Now it is time to move onto the medium sized toy where you will perform the same actions as you did with the small toy.  You may take longer to adjust to the medium sized toy so it may be best to wear it for a bit longer before trying to fuck yourself with it.

Try wearing the toy under panties while you check emails or make dinner.  Once you have completely adjusted to the medium toy you may fuck yourself nice and slow, letting your body fully adjust. Again be careful to not overstimulate yourself, there is one more size to go!

Time For The BIG Anal Stretch

Once you are completely relaxed and ready it is time to try out the biggest toy that you have! You will want to you a copious amount of lube with this toy and really take your time as you slowly start to insert it.  This part of anal stretching may bring a small amount of pain and that is okay.

Be sure to listen to your body though!  If you work slowly inch by inch, letting your body take the toy slowly into your ass you should be just fine!  Soon you will be able to take every inch of your biggest toy thanks to anal stretching.

Ms Lily and I have years of anal stretching experience!  Don’t be shy, give us a call and let’s get you started on a anal stretching assignment tailored just for you !

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