The Ultimate Sissy School

We love our sissy school sissies!

We love our sissy school sissies!

“Thank you for creating the ultimate sissy school.”

Those were the words I heard from one of my sissy school phone sex callers last week, and it truly made me beam.  So with that in mind, I wanted to hit pause for a moment, and say thanks to all of you that have visited our hallways, picked up the phone, called in for assignments, etc.

When Ms Isabelle and I decide to do something, we don’t half ass it.  I know that some of you that have been sent to detention will find it hard to believe, but we hold ourselves to higher standards than  we do you.  After all, we are dominant, beautiful, superior women, and you…well, you’re sissies.  There’s an entire rainbow of things that you may be in to or ways that you may view yourself and your place in the world.  If you’ve talked to us, you know that we get that.  But in it’s simplest form, you are all sissies  And even though we *are* dominant, beautiful, superior women, it is to you that our efforts and this sissy school are dedicated.

Why We Are the Ultimate Sissy School

It’s no secret that there are a plethora of places that a sissy can go for phone sex. But what makes us unique is that we are not characters…we are who we are. Neither of us is some woman who read a few stories on Literoitica and decided that she could  try to bluff her way though sissy phone sex.  We both have actual experience to back up the talk, and though we can be exceedingly sadistic at times, we can also be nurturing, caring, and empathetic.

In short, we aren’t someone’s cartoon notion of what it means to be a dominant woman.  Just like you, we are complex beings, with layers and corners and sunshine and scary places.  That is what helps us connect with our sissy callers on a level that other places, quite frankly, can’t hold a candle to.

That is what makes us the ultimate sissy school.

Thank each of you for your support thus far.   Whether you are Gold Star VIP student, or you stop by to read the latest and vote for us, we appreciate what you give.  It makes us committed to remain on top of our games, so that we can give you the time of your life.

Now put your plaid skirt on, and come write on the chalkboard 500 times…I love Sissy Finishing School!

Dial 855-387-2669 for Ms Isabelle
Dial 855-727-4779 for Ms Lily

Calls are $2.50 per minute with a 10 minute minimum
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We are Direct Dial Independent Phone Sex Operators
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