The Sissy Wife

Advantages Of Having A Sissy Wife

I Love My Sissy Wife

I Love My Sissy Wife

There are many advantages to having a sissy wife and I am excited to tell you about just a few of them! A sissy wife is a very special kind of slave; One that has very few limits and is always willing to please in a number of ways both sexually and domestically.

One of the first advantages of having a sissy wife is having a domestic house slave. A sissy wife will keep your house looking perfect, take care of laundry, meals, dishes and many other domestic tasks all while looking and performing like the perfect sissy.

She will be sure that anything you want is taken care of, down to your favorite drink after a long day at work. A sissy wife will also happily draw you a hot bath, and gently bathe you and wash your hair.

The Sissy Wife Makes A Great Shopping Companion 

A sissy wife is also the perfect shopping buddy! She is happy to take you on extreme shopping sprees; She not only pays, but carries the bags for you too! A sissy wife will help you pick out only the hottest numbers for your dates with your various lovers. While you are out shopping, you can even take turns trying on dresses and lingerie!

Of course a sissy wife is happy to help you get dressed for you dates by smoothing out your stockings, helping you zip up that mini-dress or fasten that lingerie; She is the perfect slave. She loves helping you look your best for the suitor that comes to visit, especially when the suitor is a BBC lover.

 The Sissy Wife Is An Excellent Fluffer

Last but not least, a sissy wife is happy to play the role of a fluffer during sexual escapades. She will eagerly suck a cock till it is rock hard, arouse her mistress through oral pleasures and whatever else is asked of her. A sissy wife can also be the cream pie clean up slave during cuckold sex.

These are just a few of the advantages of having a sissy wife and I would love to share more with you!


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