Sissy Panty Shopping

Sissy Panty Shopping For New Sissies

Let's Go Sissy Panty Shopping!

Let’s Go Sissy Panty Shopping!

Are you a brand new sissy that has a panty fetish? Have you been known to steal the panties of your roommates, but are too scared to put them on for fear of stretching them out? Are you ready to buy your own pair of panties? I know that sissy panty shopping can be very overwhelming but here are a few tips.

The first tip of sissy panty shopping is that you should find a place that specializes in woman’s undergarments instead of a generic retail store. You will have more options and possibly a bit more privacy so that you can make your first purchase with little humiliation. If you aren’t to scared, you can ask the sales girl to help you search for a pair of panties that might suit you. I know that most of you will be too humiliated to do that so we will get on with your sissy panty shopping tips now.

Sissy Panty Shopping Tips

Once you have arrived at your chosen specialty store, you will want to look for panties that you find to be the most sexy. Thongs are considered a very sexy cut of panty and usually you will want to find something that is silky or with lots of lace. These are some of the most sexy panties you will find on your sissy panty shopping spree. Some men and girls alike find boy cut panties sexy, but thongs are really the way to go!

One last piece of sissy panty shopping advice is to make sure that it fits nice and snug around your hips, while gripping your cock and balls just perfectly. You will probably find yourself being aroused by the different materials that the panties are made of so give yourself just a bit of room to “grow.”

 Do You Need Sissy Panty Shopping Tips?

These are just a few of the sissy panty shopping tips that I have for you! I have many more tips for you and I am always happy to give you lots more sissy panty shopping tips. I’m sure Ms Lily has a plethora of sissy panty shopping tips too. So, give either one of us a call and let’s start a tailored sissy panty shopping plan for you. It’s the New Year and your time to shine sissy!


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