Sissy Emasculation Is A Must

The Beginning Of Sissy Emasculation


Sissy Emasculation The Emasculated Sissy

Sissy Emasculation Fun

Sissy emasculation is one of my favorite things to do and there are so many ways to emasculate a sissy. If you are the type of sissy that desperately craves emasculation or are the masculine type that secretly fantasizes about sissy emasculation then I am the perfect Mistress for you.

One of the first things I love to do to emasculate my sissy is to make him throw out all of his “manly” underwear. This means no boxers, no tighty whities and no briefs. He is instead to wear only panties. This type of sissy emasculation makes him feel much more like a sissy as he wears the woman’s panties on a daily basis.

I often like to make my sissies shave their legs and get pedicures as part of their sissy emasculation. It is usually very embarrassing for these sissies to strip away their masculinity with every swipe of the razor up their legs. What once was hairy and manly is now left soft, smooth and womanly.

Sissy Emasculation By Orgasm Control

Another type of sissy emasculation is controlling his orgasms in one form or another. This can range from chastity to ruined orgasms. Once the sissy is no longer able to make his own sexual decisions he will begin to feel more and more submissive and feminine.

In other words, once I start controlling the sissy’s orgasm, he will no longer think of his own needs. My needs and my directives will be the only thing that matters. Exactly how it should be in the D/s relationship!

Forced Bi Sissy Emasculation

Forced cocksucking and forced bi are much more extreme ways of sissy emasculation. Nothing says sissy faggot like having a cock shoved in his mouth (be it a strap on or a real cock). Most sissies have a desire to be coerced or “forced” into sucking cock in one way or another. They get off on the humiliation of this sissy emasculation scenario!

These are just a few types of sissy emasculation and there are many more ways. If you like the idea of being emasculated, or if you have a secret fantasy of being emasculated, now is the time to indulge in your fetish and fulfill your needs. I’m ready for some sissy emasculation today and I bet you are too.


Until later,

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