Your Sissification Journey

Starting Your Sissification Journey

Begin Your Sissification Journey

Begin Your Sissification Journey

I know that many sissies have a hard time getting started in their sissification journey. The first problem that arises, besides a hard dick, is finding the clothing that will not only enhance their femininity, but clothes that will fit their body types.  Here are some simple shopping tips that I am willing to share with you.

First of all, if you are looking to get started by purchasing and wearing lingerie or panties you will want to go to a specialty adult store or specialty lingerie store. These places will have a much larger selection of panties and lingerie that can appeal to all kinds of sissies, not to mention they have a friendly and open minded staff. This is really the best way to get an idea of what size you will need for woman’s clothing.

Sissification Specialty Stores

Once you have found the proper specialty store, you will want to get to know the staff and eventually even let them know what your fetish is so that they may help you pick out the perfect lingerie and/or panties to get you started on your sissification journey. Trust me, you aren’t the first male that has made this confession to them most likely and they are eager to be helpful.

As you have become much more accustomed to your size in woman’s clothing, then you can shop online at specialty sissy stores or at woman’s clothing stores in a malls close to you. I often encourage my sissies to head to a nearby store so that they may try on the outfits that they are thinking of purchases. Trying on that trendy new outfit can be super important if you want to look your best after all!

If you are interested in more tips or advice about shopping to enhance your sissification, give me a call and I will get you started on the right path to your sissification journey. There is no time like the present!

Until then…….

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