Sissies in Chastity

No cummies for you!

No cummies for you!

Now, we all know that there are all types of feminization fans at Sissy Finishing School. But today, I want to talk about a particular sub-set of sissy that is near and dear to my heart. That is the sissy in chastity.

I am particularly fond of sissies in chastity for a number of reasons.  The most important one is that said sissies and femgirls have accepted the fact that doing what pleases me is far, far more important than the fleeting pleasure that they might derive from an orgasm.  While I do enjoy calls of all types, I do admit a fondness for what we’ll call the ‘service sissy’.  The service itself can encompass a variety of things, ranging from, but not limited to, sissy maids, sissy financial domination and sissies in chastity.   What’s one got to do with the other, you may ask?

The Common Denominator is My Pleasure Comes First

Some sissies are really very selfish, truth be told.  I don’t really blame them for it.  Their little heads get so rattled at the idea of getting to dress for me, service a cock for me, or whatever else may be their kink de jour.  In all that excitement, they are focused on *their* excitement, and seeing that I am cared for, entertained, and amused fall to the wayside.   While I can have a fun time in a session with those types of sissies, it is unlikely that I will form a substantial bond with them, simply because the proper relationship dynamic is that I come first.  No pun intended.

Chastity is deprivation.  It’s giving up for me.  It’s making the sacrifice.  It’s remembering that while rubbing your clitty without restrictions feels good, that it is a poor imitation of the pleasure you get by making me happy.

In the coming weeks and months…and yes, there is *that* word again…I am sure that I’ll be locking a few of you up.  Each situation is different, and therefore, calls for a different approach.  But all good sissys can find a way to devote at least some periods of chastity to me.

I know that the idea probably sounds hideous to some of you, but I assure you, though chastity is an acquired taste, I’ve turned more than one femgirl sissy slut into a chastity addict.  You will be no different.


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