Perfect Sissy Lips

the-perfect-sissy-lipsAre You Longing For The Perfect Sissy Lips? 

Do you find yourself staring at the sissy with the perfect sissy lips. Have you ever wondered how some sissies have the most perfect, plump looking and sexy lips? Have you tried in vain to have the perfect sissy lips?

Well don’t dismay sissy! I am here to give you some tips and tricks on how to create the perfect sissy lips.  

Make sure you have some lip moisturizer or lip butter, lip liner, lipstick and lip gloss on hand. Also a light power and lip blotters. Pay attention to the color palate too sissy. I don’t want to see mocha latte lip liner and peony pink lipstick with a coral gloss. Matching your color palate for the perfect sissy lips is very important. I do not tolerate sissies that don’t understand color matching and color coordination! 

Creating The Perfect Sissy Lips

The first thing you need to know about getting perfect sissy lips is that it’s not all about the lips. In order to really show off your lips, you want to make sure you have nice white teeth. You want to start off by brushing or using whitener strips to get the best white teeth possible. The next thing you want to make sure of is that there is no hair around your lips; This means waxing and/or plucking any stray hairs around your lips. These are two very important steps in prepping your lips!

The next thing you want to remember is to exfoliate your lips regularly so that they are smooth and more receptive to sexy color. You can exfoliate using sugar mixed with a bit of water until it is pasty. Rub the sugar exfoliate in a circular motion around your lips, being sure to take care of each inch of your lips. After you have finished exfoliating, you will want to apply a nice coat of lip moisturizer or lip butter. Once you have done this wait a few minutes before moving on to the next steps to having perfect sissy lips.

Now it’s time to line your lips with lip liner. Use the lip liner to smooth out any imperfections, then fill in with a tinted lipstick. After the lipstick, you carefully apply the lip gloss making sure you don’t use too much. At this point you want to blot the lipstick before you powder the entire lip area. After you have powdered your lips, it’s time for another layer to complete your perfect sissy lips.

The Perfect Sissy Lips and More

These are the basic tips about how to get perfect sissy lips, but there is so much that you could learn from me! I love to talk about make-up tips and I know about all the different types of lipstick from regular to plumping! 

Find out more about how to get the perfect sissy lips and more by giving Ms Lily or myself a call. After all, this is Sissy Finishing School, and we know all about creating the perfect sissy with the perfect sissy lips!


Until later…..

Ms Isabelle



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