Are You A Sissy Baby

What Is A Sissy Baby

Pretty Sissy Baby

Pretty Sissy Baby

A sissy baby is a very special individual that needs to be nurtured by an experienced mommy phone sex Mistress. She has a need to be loved and guided through the transition of becoming a real sissy baby.

At the very heart of sissy baby phone sex, is the desire to be treated like an adult baby. This type of person needs to not only be nurtured, but disciplined and trained; Essentially he is to be treated just like a baby. An adult baby will try to please his mommy phones sex Mistress by doing just as he is told.

 How To Treat A Sissy Baby

Secondarily, this type of sissy  has the desire to be treated not just as an adult baby, but also as a little girl, or a sissy. A sissy baby will be dressed up in pink pajamas or pink lacy dresses. She will taught to do things that only a sissy baby would do. For example, she would learn to do all the things mommy does, including pleasing men sexually.

A sissy baby is sweet and innocent, but as they are nurtured and trained they become naughty and taboo phone sex slaves. They will follow the directions of their mommy at all time and will work hard to become just like mommy.

 Sissy Baby Pleases Her Mistress

A sissy baby will learn to suck cock just like mommy and will have her virgin ass explored over time as she is taught to become a proper little slut  for her perfect mommy phone sex Mistress. As the sissy baby learns more about performing the special dirty play with mommy she will find herself  having desires to be a little strap on slut for her mommy phone sex Mistress.

This is a freeing experience for those that have an inherent desire to please a mommy phone sex Mistress. Are you  interested in learning more about all that it takes to become a real sissy baby?


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