Panty Boy Secret Fetish Exposed

You Have A Secret Life As A Panty Boy

Panty Boy Secret Exposed

Panty Boy Secret Exposed

I bet you are the well-to-do, upper-class male that is Domineering in the workforce and in most of your day to day interactions.  You probably spend weekends participating in and watching your favorite sport.  You are the All-American male that has a reputation to protect, don’t you?  The truth is that you have a dirty secret that you hide so carefully under your macho attitude.You my dear macho man are a panty boy!

I have always loved a good dirty secret, especially one that is so unimaginable that you would go through extravagant lengths to hide it.  I have watched you through the cracks in your curtains enough to hone in one what you were so carefully hiding. This is why I waited until the perfect moment late on Saturday when your family was away to come knocking on your door.

Time To Expose Your Panty Boy Secret

You answer shyly with your robe tucked tightly around your body, hiding the lingerie that adorns your well-toned masculine body.  You half-try to protest as I brush inside cheerily.  You can’t hide anymore, you know that you must admit your panty boy fetish to someone.

You close the door slowly, looking at me quizzically as I drop my overcoat to reveal my own secret.   I stand before you in a tightly fitted black leather corset and equally as tight leather pants showing off my sexy and seductive body.

“I think you have a secret to share with me. . . ” I purr deviously at you

I walk over as you stand frozen, slowly untiring your robe, quietly shushing away your protest and fears.  I then very slowly and seductively slip the robe off your shoulders to reveal the brilliantly pink and white panties and matching bra!  I knew you were a secret panty boy phone sex lover and your secret is safe with me.

I have you model the feminine lingerie, pausing you only to gently stroke you through the panties,keeping you on the edge of arousal as we explore the depths of your panty boy fetish.You will loose all of your inhibitions as we get lost in your panty boy fetish with your feminization phone sex Mistress.  I am ready for some panty boy phone sex fun……….are you?


Until later….


Ms Isabelle

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