Forced Panty Boy

You will be a forced panty boy Ms Lily 855-7ASISSY

You will be a forced panty boy

While some of you are very eager panty boys, others resist, and therefore, it is necessary for me to turn them into a forced panty boy.  You may be wondering now it is possible to take a boxer-wearing man and reduce him to a forced panty boy.  I assure you that it is not difficult to  twist males around my finger, and get them to do exactly what I want.  Especially sissy males.

Becoming a Forced Panty Boy

All men are easily lead around by the dick, and a forced panty boy is no different. It is so easy to snare them in my web, drawing them closer and closer to me, until something that they might have dismissed outright not long ago becomes something that they do because they want more and more of me. They’ve become addicted, you see, and they want nothing more than to be intoxicated with the lust that I can inspire in them. So….they do things that they otherwise would not dream of doing.  Like wearing panties.

Sometimes my approach is very direct.  They are told that in order to do XYZ, they will not only go on an online panty shopping spree with me, but that they will give me a cam show once the feminine panties have been delivered.  Other times, my approach is more subtle.  I always find it amusing when someone who formerly had no desire to wear panties ends up begging to wear them for me.

Are you reading this and thinking that you are immune?  Don’t flatter yourself.  Just like others before you, if I am intrigued enough by you to want to turn you into a forced panty boy, then a forced panty boy you will be!

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