Welcome to Sissy Finishing School!

Take your seats and pay attention, class!

Take your seats and pay attention, class!

Hello you feminine things, and welcome to Sissy Finishing School.  Ms Isabelle and I have a lot of things planned for you and we’ll soon be ready to transform you into what you yearn to be, and what we decide that you *should* be.  We thought we’d take this opening post, and give you a little background on how things unfolded and the Sissy Finishing School came to be.

Ms Isabelle and I have known each other for a few years.  Perhaps we’ll tell the story of that meeting another time.  For now, let’s just leave it at we clicked in many ways, and before long, we had had passed into that area of friendship where you start feeling safe with a person, and you start revealing some secrets.  That night is when we learned that we both had a talent for feminizing men.  Remember that, Ms Isabelle?

What Happens When Two Feminization Mistresses Meet Up?

Oh yes I do remember that night Ms Lily. We were sharing a bottle of wine, casually talking about the crazy girl stuff we did back in our college days. Without even thinking I just blurted out that my girlfriend Miranda and I had a little “transformation business” where we would turn high powered executives into little sissy slut butts and take them out on the town.  Oh goodness I remember you looked at me, set down your wine glass and just burst into laughter.  When I realized what I had just said I thought “oh my goodness…what will Ms Lily think of me now”!?

I think I was blushing, when Ms Lily looked me right in the eye, put her hand on my hand and said “you like feminizing men too”  I just smirked and said “I sure do”  We both laughed and held our glasses up and toasted “here’s to men enfemme”   Now all of our secrets came out as we chatted away into the wee hours of the morning.  Who would have ever thought Ms Lily and I not only had a talent for feminizing men, we both had years of experience doing it.   Ms Lily, why don’t you tell our guests how you began your journey into male feminization.

The Seeds Were Planted and Panties Were Worn

Well, I will admit that my first foray into feminization was very tame.  Or at least it seems that way now.  At that time, it was *such* a power rush.  It all started when I got a submissive boyfriend….who didn’t yet realize that he was submissive…to wear some panties for me.  They were aqua bikini panties with bows on each hip.  I can still see the blush on his face when he wore them.  But the blush was cancelled out by the head of his stiff cock sticking up over the waistband. ~soft laugh~  I’m sure that is a sight you are familiar with, darling Isabelle.

Well to be quite honest with you Ms Lily, I had no idea what my friend Miranda and I were *really* getting into when we started this transformation station.  We put an ad in the Village Voice and our journey into male feminization began.  We had no idea how what we were up against until we saw all those men with raging “pee-pees” standing in front of us wearing silk panties. We immediately realized that these men would do “anything” for us…..and I mean a-n-y-t-h-i-n-g, as long as we let them prance and preen in their pretty silk panties. Instead of attending classes, we were at the sex shops reading up on feminization 101.

Can you imagine a sheltered, sweet Midwest girl gone wild in New York City?  Well that was me, and let me tell you…..I got more than an education in fashion design!   And like you Ms Lily, I decided to take my work home with me and see how many of my boyfriends I could coerce into putting on a pair of my panties.  It was a game at first…….

So what happened to that submissive boyfriend Ms Lily?

Yes, it is amazing what sissygirls will do for the opportunity to do a runway strut, isn’t it? ~soft laugh~  As to my submissive boyfriend, I decided that he wasn’t such great boyfriend material after all.  But that didn’t mean that he didn’t have a purpose or two. I don’t want to get into that *too* much here…or we’ll end up with sissies rubbing their clitties all over the place!

Who knew that your New York City…education…,garnered at such a young age, would be so beneficial in your future?

Well Ms Lily, it wasn’t until much later that all of those late night romps around Chelsea and the Meat Packing District would come into play.  And I agree Ms Lily, if I keep talking and telling all my secrets and divulging all of my wild escapades with Miranda, there will be no reason to call us for our feminization expertise and distant domination phone sex sessions.  So I think for now I am going to leave everyone guessing how I ended up as an instructress at The Sissy Finishing School.

What do you think my dear Ms Lily?

I think that leaving them on the tips of their pedicured toes is the way to go indeed!

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