Forced Feminization

I will fuck you up!

I will fuck you up!

There is no doubt that some of you bitches will eagerly embrace your sissy ways. But some of you need forced feminization, and I am just the woman to give it to you.  I know that I look innocent and sweet.  Don’t be fooled by that.  I will wrap you around my finger, find out your darkest secrets, then use them against you to get you to do exactly as I fucking say.


You Can’t Resist My Powers

At the beginning, you won’t think that I’m dangerous at all. But I’m cunning.  I’ll use my mind, my body, and my seductive allure,  and I’ll find your weakness that you think you hide so cleverly. Before you know it, you’ll be ensnared, caught in a web that you gave me the string to weave. And then the fun will *really* begin.

I will use everything that I know about you and hold it over your head like a guillotine.  The very idea of the blackmail ammunition I have will cause your knees to knock together and your lips to tremble.  You will know that you have no choice other than doing precisely what I say.  Your mind will race as you try to think of an escape route, but it will be of no use, bitch.  You will eventually capitulate and bow down to She Who Has the Upper Hand.

That She would be me.

You’ll Do What You Are Told

You’ve now entered Ms. Lily Land, and as a resident, you should know that the only thing that matters is what I want. If that means that I want you on cam, parading in your stockings, that is what you will do. If that means that I tell you to replenish the funds on my Amazon gift card balance, that is what you’ll do.  And if I tell you to get on your whore knees and be the cum dumpster that I intend for you to be…why…you’ll do that too.

Welcome to Forced Feminzation 101, sluts.  I’ll be your instructor.  Tighten those pink belts…you are in for a bumpy, yet wildly exciting ride.

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