Will You Earn Your Panties?

Are you girly enough to earn them?

Are you girly enough to earn them?

You know, I can say without a doubt that some of you have been poking around the corridors, and are quivering and squirming in anticipation of getting to prance around in your panties on webcam for Ms Isabelle or myself. Maybe even both at the same time. Yes, I know your type. You are licking your heavily glossed lips just thinking about it.  There is likely a pearly drop shimmering on your clitcock to illustrate your eagerness, isn’t there?

Wait Just a Minute, Missy




Just because you are an eager slut who can’t wait to shake her ass for us like a stripper whose rent it past due does not mean that you have earned the right.  Nor does it mean that you have the right to wear panties.  You *wishing* it to be so is not enough.  You have to have a real woman determine that you have earned your Panty Merit Badge.

Oh, you may be a willful, naughty fuck that slips on a pair without permission.  You may sit smugly on the corner of your bed, lips sneered in defiance, thinking that you’ll show me a thing or two.   Trust me, I assure you that you will not.

You see, you can indeed wear those panties without my okaying it.  They may look nice and they may feel even better.  But it will be rather hollow compared to what the experience could be.  It is so much better to wear then with my explicit approval and encouragement. It’s better yet when we shop for them online together, and you wear them for the very first time as we talk on the phone and you turn on your cam, or send me pictures to show me what you look like in them.

So, the question remains…will you be able to earn wearing your panties for me?

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