Sissy Shopping Spree

Shop until you drop, sissies!

Shop until you drop, sissies!

After years of doing feminization phone sex sessions and combined with face-to-face experience, I feel very safe in saying that as a whole, sissies love to shop.  What exactly they like to shop for differs, of course, but if ever there was a demographic that defines conspicuous consumption, it is sissies.  They love to wallow in all the accessories that go along with their fetishes and desires.  And who can blame them?  Shopping is fun!

The Panty Boy

Cross my heart, I have met panty boys that have far more panties that I do, and I am a lingerie lover.  Whether it’s thongs, bikinis, boy shorts, high cut, rumba, tanga, shaper, crotchless, French cut, or any other variety…including dirty for some…panty boys L-O-V-E their panties.  They have them in every hue and fabric, and are obsessed with getting more.  One simply cannot have too many pairs is their motto.

The Forced Bi-Cocksucker

This group really has no choice in the matter as to their sissy shopping. They will get whatever they are damned well told to get, and they will like it.  Purchases often include slutty clothing, and  realistic cock sex toys.  Both of which serve to please Mistress when I make them open up their holes to serve.  The forced feminzation slut may also be in financial servitude to me

The Cross Dresser

The CD may well bring home the gold when it comes to sissy shopping sprees.  I have spent countless hours on the phone, shopping online with sissies, shopping at the mall with sissies, etc.  Their sissy plumage varies.  Some wish to blend in, and some want to proclaim to the world that they are indeed Ms Thang.  Whatever their bent, they are a world-class triathalon when it comes to sissy shopping.

Transgendered Girls

Tgirls love to shop as well, and embrace all the femininity that they have been denied.  They are often more careful with their clothing selections, and tend to value quality over quantity.  These are not clothes that are going to be waded up and stuffed in a bin until they get the opportunity to dress again.  Tgirls are building a true feminine wardrobe, and are prone to select things that they love that will last for years.

I love shopping with sissies.  It’s such fun to pick out the perfect something for them, and then get to watch later on cam as they show me what we bought!

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