Sissy Schoolgirls

Ring in for your assignments, sissy schoolgirls!

Ring in for your assignments!

Even though it is still August, the signs are everywhere…it’s back to school time.  That not only means traditional schools, but it’s time for you sissy sluts, fabulous fembois, cute crossdressers, and tantalizing transgirls to get your acts together.  You’ve  had all summer to flit aimlessly about, doing your work now and then, but never really buckling down.

You’ve not yet committed to being the best sissy schoolgirl that you can be.

There Are Different Kinds of Sissy Schoolgirls

Some of you already know what type of sissy schoolgirls that you are.  You will automatically know that you are  the class harlot and are a cocksucking sissy slut,  or that you are one of those sissy schoolgirls who cannot get enough of rumba panties.   If you know, that is terrific!  We’ll have fun putting you through your paces, and testing you to improve your skills along the way.

But you may be a lost sissy schoolgirl, unsure of which curriculum is best suited for you.  Have no fear, that is one of the reasons that Ms Isabelle and I are here.  We will be very happy to guide you in your explorations, and to give you the benefit of our wisdom in feminizing sissy schoolgirls.  Besides, it is fun to explore, and try things that are challenging.  Especially when you are doing them under our tutelage.

Some Sissy Schoolgirls Need Sissy Assignments

There is a portion of the feminized population that will get along just fine without any activity between calls. They are able to weave being sissy schoolgirls in and out of their lives, and compartmentalize their time. Other sissy schoolgirls *need* assignments and homework.  It helps keep them on track and disciplined when we are not available.

Assignments can be a great deal of fun, but I personally enjoy giving them most when they are tailored to the individual, and are not one-size-fits all.  Not all sissy schoolgirls will want to try out for the cheerleading squad, and not all assignments fit all sissies.  For best results, and to get the most out of assignments, call us to design a training program just for you.

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