Sissy Maid Training

Sissy Maids Know Their Role!I’m a firm believer that every dominant woman should have a sissy maid.  After all, someone has to take care of things when I entertain my friends, and who better to do it than you, the sissy maid?  Not only do I get the amusement of seeing you strut around in a French maid’s uniform, but there is also the practical aspect of making you responsible for all shopping, preparation, serving, and clean up while I relax and enjoy myself.

Sissy Maids Should Be Seen and Not Heard

I really love this image that I found.  It perfectly illustrates the true role of the sissy maid.  The ball gag ensures silence…not that you will need *any* accessory to do as I say…and the serving tray is a nice touch.  Though we can’t see what is going on with this particular sissy maid, or what she has been trained to do, I’ll let you in on how this all plays out in Ms Lily Land.

Your starched white apron conceals a chastity device and a hormone-weakened clitty.  I like to lift that apron up, and show everyone what lies underneath.  I’ll look you in the eyes, and ask you if that girlcock works anymore.  Everyone in hearing range will listen for your answer.  Just imagine the mortification you’ll feel as you have to shake your head, and confirm what we already know.

I Enjoy Humiliating You

The back of your uniform will have been altered to leave your ass exposed so that everyone can see that you are wearing a butt plug.  Now and then someone will come up behind you, put the palm of their hand against the base of the plug, and give it a good shove.  You bat back tears, and try not to droll around your ball gag.  You know to do such a thing will bring a swift reprimand from me.

If I decide that I want to really have some fun, I may put you in ballet boots or heels that I know are too high for you to walk in.  I can then make a game of it, and every time you stumble means that  you have to worship someone’s ass with your servant mouth.  Of course, I could just make you do those things anyway, but I enjoy the sport of it.

I enjoy fucking with you and training you to be the perfect sissy maid.

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